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Welcome everyone to the April edition of our newsletter. We've had a very busy month with two major events. First was the Scottish National Age Group Championships (SNAGS) in Aberdeen. We had a record number of swimmers attending this and everyone swam fantastically well. It was a long way to go for a meet but everyone seems have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and our swimmers were very well supported all week by an enthusiatic set of Inverleith 'groupies'.

The second event was our annual swim camp. The photos clearly show everyone had a brilliant time and I'd just like to thank the adults who gave up part of their holidays to help make it such a success. So, thank you very much to Fiona Anderson, David Little, Alex Hale, Gillian Alexander and Shona O'Connor. The club really could not function without volunteers and all your help is much appreciated.

This weekend sees round 2 of the annual Lothian Leagues competition. This is a team competition rather than an individual one and the swimmers try and win points in their races. The points are then tallied up and league placings are decided. At the time of writing, the placings from round 1 have not yet been released but we did very well in our division and hope to be sitting near the top after the final round which is on the 6th of June. So good luck to everyone competing on Sunday.

Finally, a warm welcome to our eight new swimmers, Alanna, Tom, Archie, Adam, Joshua, Cole, Sam and Mateusz who will be joining Prep group on 10 May.


Here are the dates of the Internal Competitions open to all swimmers except Prep group for this year. Full details will be issued nearer the time.

Sunday 10 May       
Lee Trophy (13 year old 200 freestyle)
Macfadyen Cup (14 and over 800 freestyle for girls and 1500 freestyle for boys)

Sunday 24 May       
Peter Allan Cup and Fraser Cups (100 freestyle - time based)
Sunday 31 May, 30 August, 29 November for Huntley Cups
Saturday 5 December Annual Club Championships.
EXTERNAL COMPETITIONS (not all swimmers will be entered for all competitions. If your coach would like to enter you you will be asked by e-mail if you are free and will then be entered which is still not a guarantee of getting a swim as it all depends on number of entries and your times)


Sunday 3 May    Lothian Region Leagues Round 2 (note change of date & venue)

Sunday 10 May    Hearts Novice Meet

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 15/16/17 May   Tough IM Meet

Saturday 23 May    Livingston District Dolphins Graded Meet

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 29-31 May  East District Open


Saturday 6 June Lothian Region Leagues Round 3

Sunday 7 June Haddington Total Swimmer Meet

Saturday & Sunday 13/14 June East Lothian Swim Team Distance Meet

Saturday 20 June Aquanuts 14th Annual Graded Meet

Saturday 20 June  Musselburgh Marlins Summer Fun Meet

For further information about the various competitions go to and click on Forthcoming Meets (in date order). The home page also lists latest results so that you can keep track of your times or watch how other swimmers are getting on from the comfort of your own home!

SNAGS - A Bluffer's guide to Scottish Nationals

For first timers the road to qualifying for the Scottish Nationals is a baffling one and even when you get the times the experience is very different to any other competition. We asked Felix Hale, who had a lot of swims and whose family hadn't had previous experience of SNAGS to give us some tips for anyone hoping to qualify next year:

Scottish National Age Group Swimming Championships took place at Aberdeen Sports Village in April this year. To go to SNAGS, swimmers need to have consideration or qualifying times. These times are normally Long Course times so you have to get them in a 50m pool or you can convert them from 25m pool times too. Seven Inverleith swimmers competed at SNAGS this year and Fiona took us up there.
I really enjoyed SNAGS even though I wasn't feeling well the first couple of days. The Aberdeen Sports Village is amazing and I got to see some brilliant swimmers like Ross Murdoch, Hannah Miley, Craig Benson and Douglas Kelly (a really impressive swimmer who is younger than me!). Swimming at such a big meet was a great experience and it was good to share it with my teammates and Fiona. Try and get there next year, it is really fun!


1.Buy SNAGS merchandise on Day 1: things sell out really quickly!
2.Long course swimming is a new skill so lots of practice before helps.
3.Buy spectator tickets online in advance if you can: it's cheaper!
4.Marshall on time. The time will be on your coach's start sheet.
5.You need a pass to come poolside. But don't worry if you lose it you can rent one for a pound.
6.SNAGS is a big deal so don't get upset if you are nervous.
7.Don't lose your clothes, put your name on them.
8.Warm up is very busy so be prepared.
9.Cheer on your teammates at all times!
10.Finally, enjoy yourself (it's meant to be fun)! 

RESULTS - Scottish National Age Groups 2015

We were delighted that so many of our swimmers qualified for the above championships, it is a testament to the work they have put in over the last year.
This is a fantastic meet at a great venue, the pool in Aberdeen is amazing & I hope all the swimmers enjoyed competing there.
We had 7 swimmers taking part with a total of 44 swims & 33 PB’s.
Angus Allison had the lions share of the swims doing 20 which included 7 finals. In most of his swims Angus PB’d in the heats then again in the finals showing a huge amount of determination & great fitness. He achieved 2 bronze medals for the 100 & 200BR taking another 3 & 4 seconds off his time in the finals.
Cameron Alexander had 9 swims including 2 finals & he was also 1ST reserve for the 50 fly but unfortunately didn’t get a swim. Cameron PB’d in both his finals.
Joe Penman made 2 finals out of his 3 qualifying events which was great. He did a long course PB in his 100B/C final & a PB in both heat & final for the 50B/C.
Felix Hale had 6 swims but had had a virus the previous week which was still affecting him in the early part of the week but as each day went on his swimming got stronger & by Sunday he managed 2 PB’s.
The girls Scarlett Donald, Carla Lovell & Adele McDaid all produced PB swims in their races taking several seconds off their times.
All the swimmers represented Inverleith really well & having had 7 swimmers competing this year we will be looking for more next year so keep on training!
Many thanks to Hilary for organising  the lovely meal we all had on the Saturday night which was most enjoyable.
A great meet with lots of very tired swimmers & one very tired coach heading off to camp the next day!!
( There are 10 swimmers in each final )
Bronze – Angus Allison 100BR
               Angus Allison 200BR
4TH -       Angus Allison 200F/C
               Angus Allison 400IM (HDW)
5TH -       Angus Allison 50BR
6TH -       Cameron Alexander 50F/C
               Joe Penman 50B/C
7TH -      Joe Penman 100B/C
              Angus Allison 100Fly
              Angus Allison 100F/C
              Angus Alliso 400F/C (HDW)
8TH -     Cameron Alexander 100Fly
            Angus Allison 200IM


Swimmers in Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 were given the opportunity to spend four nights at swim camp in the Scottish Borders during the Easter holidays. We asked first timer, Orla Kennedy, to tell us what it was like:

When we arrived it was really sunny and perfect weather to go swimming. Lucky for us at swim camp you get to go swimming twice a day every day!
For breakfast you have a choice of cereal, a sausage roll or bacon roll, for lunch you get soup,and you can have something different every day for tea e.g pizza, baked potato, pasta with bolognese etc. After the evening swim we would go for supper(toast and hot chocolate) then you would have to head back to your dorms and it was lights out at half 10 but most people stayed up longer chatting and making video stars!!!

The activities during the day were also really fun. We had the opportunity to do a lot of things apart from swimming:
Canoeing: We were put into groups of three and before we were allowed to get on the water we had to warm up and learn how to paddle. After that we played some games in the canoe’s.At the end we jumped in the lake and one group capsized, it was FREEZING but as it was a warm day we warmed up quite quickly!
Land training: We did different hall activities,stretches and went for a run every day.
Water Walkers: We had to go into a giant inflated hamster ball in the pool and try and see how long you could run for,even Fiona had a go!!!! There were two balls which made it fun as you could do it with your friends.
High ropes: They were awesome, first we all went on the Gladiator which is when you are hooked up to a harness and climb up a vertical obstical course, secondly there was the Leap of Faith when you climb up a pole and when you get to the top you jumped off a platform reaching for a trapeze!

We also did archery.
Swim training itself was fun as well. We were split into two groups group A and group B and we stayed in those groups for the other activities too. The groups would swim at different times in the morning but we all got to swim together in the evening session. The dorms were chosen by the coaches and included swimmers from both groups. They made sure everyone had a friend with them and we soon made lots of new ones.
I can’t wait for camp next year!!!!!!!!


Thanks to everyone who has bought kit from the IASC club shop.  It all helps to keep the club "afloat" and is much appreciated.

Style icon Danny Penman recently bought a beanie in club colours which everyone loved at training on Sunday night. We are going to bulk buy them and sell through the club shop. Price will depend on orders (approx £16) so can you let Judith know asap if you would like one. 
The yellow stanno IASC t-shirts (£17 - featured in the SNAGs item above) are great for poolside for internal and external competitions and really help make everyone feel part of a winning team.  These get printed up with the logo and the swimmer's name.  Judith keeps a few sizes in stock and printing can usually be done within a week or so.  If more sizes need to be ordered it usually takes 2/3 weeks.  Please email Judith on,  call 079999 35178 or catch her poolside if you would like to order one. 

Remember all swimmers should wear an IASC cap (£5) at competitions (if you wear one) - the coaches usually have some or catch Judith again for these or to order any other kit. 

Why we need qualified timekeepers

We have all seen the white clad officials at external competitions. In order to participate in competitions the club needs to provide qualified officials and Kathy therefore arranged a timekeepers training course:

I would like to thank the 16 parents who volunteered to do the timekeepers training course on Sunday 19th April and congratulations to all of them on passing. All competitions rely on technical officials - so don't be shy in offering to help out whether it's internally or externally. 
Hopefully some of them will take the next step on the Technical Official ladder and become Judges. Judith Hetherington (mother of Angus Allison) and Hilary Alexander (mother of Joe, Daniel and Rose Penman) from a previous course are considering doing just that. Good luck to them. 
We did not have enough people to run this course last year and without volunteers internal and external competitions would not be possible.
There are times when we are required to provide technical officials at various levels and failure to do so can result in the Club having to pay a fine.
Peter, Grant, Norma, Janette and myself all started on this road when our children swam with Inverleith but sadly none of them are still swimming with the Club therefore our time at external competitions has ended with the exception of Peter who still helps out.
Currently we are all still happy to attend most Internal Competitions but it means that there is only one parent, of the current swimmers, Malcolm Dow, who is a qualified Judge and he can't be at every competition.
Anyone who misssed their chance at this course can let me know and I'll put their name down for the next one.


All of the coaches at Inverleith are amazing but Fiona Anderson deserves a gold medal herself for showing such stoicism this month.

After the usual coaching on Tuesday night she drove to Aberdeen to be at the first SNAGs event on the Wednesday morning. As Inverleith swimmers did so well she not only had to attend morning and afternoon sessions but had to stay on for the final session every day too which meant more than 12 hours poolside for 5 days.

On the Sunday, after yet another final, she drove back arriving home late to prepare for four days of swim camp which started the following morning and was back at training on the Friday night, the day camp finished!

We are all enormously grateful for her dedication to the club and the support she gives our children.

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