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December 2014 Newsletter

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Christmas Training Sessions:
Unless Fiona has spoken to individual swimmers, the last session for Prep, Int 2 and most of Int 1 was Sunday 21st. 
Advance squads last session is the morning session of the 23rd

Training resumes for all from Sunday 4th January 2015 except there will be no Thursday sessions for Prep until further notice. (I am hopeful that the work will be completed soon)
I would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts to myself and my sons following the death of George. A beautiful bouquet of roses arrived from the Club which were stunning - so thank you
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope Santa brings you exactly what you wished for.



The camp at Newcastleton is now full up, all the swimmers who have handed in their form & deposit have been accepted will be going to camp. If for any reason someone has to pull out please let me know as soon as possible so that I can offer the place to someone else. Further information such as payment details, kit list & medical form will come out in the New Year.


We are trying to organise a training weekend for the Advanced Squad swimmers in Stirling but pool time is tricky to get & we need to steer clear of exam times for the older swimmers. We will let swimmers know when we manage to work something out.


Congratulations to the winners of the Anderson Cup on 30 November

1st Lucy McDonald
2nd Oliver Fairfield
3rd  Ralph Holden

The Huntly Cup also took place on 30 November with some swimmers dashing back from the East Districts in order to compete. Congratulations the winners all of whom had great improvements in fly, Sasha with an impressive 14.22 second pb

1st Sasha Hale
2nd Isabelle Roe
3rd Ellie Hunter

A lot of swimmers attained speed awards which can be seen on the website Congratulations to Ellie Hunter, Ines Donald, Daniel Main and Jack McInally who have attained gold overall.


A great time was had by all at the annual Club Championships on Saturday 6th December with medals handed out for competitions which had taken place earlier in the year. Cups and medals won at the Club Championships will be handed out at the Annual Dance so if you were in the top three of any of the age groups make sure you come along:

GIRLS – 1st Lucy McDonald, 2nd Ella Bennie
BOYS – 1st Ruaridh Bain, 2nd Kerr Duncan, 3rd Aidan Dowie

8 & UNDER:
GIRLS – 1st = Rose Penman & Katie Mander
BOYS – 1st Michael Skakle (congratulations to Michael whose times would have been 1st in back and breast in the 9-10 category too)

GIRLS – 1st Holly McCluskey, 2nd Ines Donald, 3rd Katie Whitham
BOYS – 1st Lewis Allan Brown, 2nd Frank Gray, 3rd Angus O’Connor

GIRLS – 1st Carla Lovell, 2nd Adele McDaid, 3rd Scarlett Donald
BOYS – 1st Angus Allison, 2nd Cameron Alexander 3rd Felix Hale

GIRLS – 1st Charlotte Drainer, 2nd Emily Mander, 3rd Hannah Watson
BOYS – 1ST Joe Penman, 2nd Angus Skakle, 3rd Logan Dow

GIRLS – 1st Claire Dow, 2nd Rebecca O’Donnell, 3rd Sofia McCorkindale
BOYS – 1st Stuart Crawford, 2nd Gavin Tennant, 3rd Thomas Anderson

BOYS – 1st Patrick Mulvanney

LADIES – 1st Fiona Anderson, 2nd Natalie Anderson
MEN – 1st Stuart Moncrieff, 2nd Chris Moncrieff



What a fantastic days swimming Inverleith swimmers had at this meet. We had 21 swimmers in the morning & 18 in the afternoon. Unfortunately there were 3 call offs.

In the morning we produced 31 PB’s in the heats then another 10 in the finals. 14 swimmers made the finals in the morning & gave us some very exciting races. Matthew Wisniewski took a massive 21 secs off his 100 BR, Holly McCluskey had a super IM swim improving her PB by 11 secs, Aidan Bain & Tom Eccles both took more than 10 secs off their 100IM swims & Joshua Mitchell improved his 100B/C by a massive 14 secs. We managed to win 11 medals in the morning.

In the afternoon we got 21 PB’s & another 3 in the finals. Matthew Wisniewski did another massive PB with a 20 sec off his100 Fly & Charlotte Drainer had a great fly swim improving her time by 10 secs. Some of our senior swimmers Claire Dow, Rebecca O’Donnell & Stuart Crawford gave us some very exciting finals.

As this was a Graded Meet the swimmers were not to swim faster than certain times or they would get a Speeding Ticket. We had one swimmers, Scarlett Donald, who swam ‘TOO  FAST’ in her 100BR & received a speeding ticket which was in fact a very nice medal. Well done Scarlett.
Well done everyone who swam in this meet & also showed great support for each other

Felix Hale – 100IM
Claire Dow – 100BR
Carla Lovell – 50F/C
Felix Hale – 50F/C
Rebecca O’Donnell – 100Fly
Stuart Crawford – 100Fly
Felix Hale – 50Fly
Danny Penman – 50F/C
Tom Eccles – 50BR
Stuart Crawford – 100F/C
Carla Lovell – 100IM
Danny Penman – 100IM
Stuart Crawford – 100BR
Rebecca O’Donnell – 100B/C
Felix Hale – 50BR
Adele McDaid – 100IM
Charlotte Drainer – 100BR
Adele McDaid – 50BR

This was the distance weekend for the ED Age Groups where we had a few swimmers taking part. There was also a 100IM which we had entered a number of swimmers but decided that as they were doing this event the following week that there was no need for them to trail to Glenrothes as well.
Joe Penman did however swim his 100IM & did a great 3sec PB. We also had Felix Hale, Logan Dow, Angus Allison, Danny Penman & Joe Penman all swimming a 400F/C on the Saturday. Most of the swims were PB’s with Angus taking a massive 16secs off his time. Joe improved his time by 10secs, Felix by 8secs, Danny by 4secs & Logan swam just outside his PB. Claire Dow had a 400IM, a hard event, on the Saturday afternoon & swam just out side her entered time but looked good in the water.
On the Sunday we just had Claire swimming her 400F/C which again was just outside her PB. She did well considering she hadn’t been feeling great in the weeks before the competition. Well done everyone.


Back to Glenrothes again!! This time it was for the 200m events in the ED Age Groups. We had quite a number of swimmers who qualified for this round.

In the boys 200B/C the following swimmers all took part John Mander, Aryan Singh, Danny Penman, Felix Hale, Angus Allison, Angus Skakle, Joe Penman & Stuart Crawford producing 7PB’s out of 8 swims which was fantastic. Joe Penman made the final coming 4TH with yet another PB. Very well done.

Saturday afternoon saw some of the boys doing a 200BR with great PB’s for most of them. Angus Skakle swam a great race holding his technique & streamlining to PB by 11secs, Joe Penman & Angus Allison also did good PB’s & swam really well. Angus Allison made the 12 & under final to come 7TH taking another 2.5secs off his time. Unfortunately we did have a swimmer disqualified but hopefully we learn from mistakes that we make & improve in the future.

Sunday morning saw Emily Mander swimming her 200B/C with good technique & turns to produce a 3sec PB which was super.

Chris took over in the afternoon as I was going to the Who concert in Glasgow in the evening. I bet you all thought I just lived at swimming pools!! Most of the time I do! The afternoon session saw 6 of the boys having a 200F/C swim. Joe Penman & Cameron Alexander who were reserves both got their swims & both did great times. Cameron took nearly 9secs off his entered time while Joe took 14secs off & qualified for the final in 6TH position. All the other boys Angus Allison, Angus Skakle, Danny Penman & Felix Hale improved on their entered time. In the 14 year olds final Joe took another 2secs off his time & came in 5TH . Great swimming Joe.

The girls swam a 200BR in the afternoon. Claire Dow did a small PB, Carla Lovell took 2secs off & Scarlett  improved on he swim she had done the previous week at the Edinburgh schools.

Super swimming everyone. The third weekend of the ED Age Groups is in January & is the sprints which takes place at the RCP, yes a home pool! Entries will be going in soon for that event.

Fiona Anderson, Head Coach


The Office Bearers going into the New Year are:
President              Grant Denholm
Vice President      Norma Wood
Secretary              Kathy Pitcher
Treasurer              Janette Bell

Malcolm Dow (father of Logan & Claire - advanced)
Judith Allison (mother of Angus - Int 1)
Hilary Alexander (mother of Joe, advanced, Daniel, Int 1 and Rose, Int 2)
Alex Hale (mother of Felix, Int 1 and Sasha, Int 2)


Congratulations to the many Inverleith parents who persuaded their schools to enter the Scottish Schools competition and went along to manage their teams on the day. There was an impressive presence of yellow and black at the primary schools competition and great to see all the Inverleith swimmers cheering on each other’s schools.

Felix Hale, Angus Allison, Cameron Alexander, Joe Penman and Carla Lovell have all been put forward for the national schools competition in the new  year. A great result for Inverleith as well as the individual schools involved.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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