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Hi there, I hope you are all well and are preparing for Christmas, and winding down for the break.  The last Competition of the year is on 21st and 22nd December then at last we can relax.

The Annual Club Championships ran smoothly and there were a large number of swimmers taking part.  We also had ex Inverleith swimmers competing too.



At our recent AGM some of our Committee members have changed, new details are:

President - Shona Skakle
Secretary - Joanne Hendry
Treasurer - Andrea Fairfield  -
Membership Secretary Kerry Steele -

Hilary Alexander (Vice President & Newsletter Editor)

Angie Bryce (Swim Shop)
Colin Drainer (Technical Officials)
Alex Hale (Team leader for Camps abroad)
Julie Walsh

Although not Committee Members we do have two other Parents who have offered to fill roles within the Club
Kathryn Ellis - Wellbeing & Protection Officer ( formerly known as Child Protection)
Brenda Perry - Social & Fundraising



Final Sessions for the Christmas holidays are:

Prep Sunday 22nd December
Int 1 & 2 Friday 20th December
Performance Monday 23rd December 

No sessions at Protobello High School Sunday 22nd

Prep return on Sunday 5th January
and the rest all on Monday 6th January

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!



We had 14 swimmers accepted for this meet although not all were able to swim for various reasons. The meet consisted of 800F/C, 400IM & 200’s of B/C, BR, Fly & F/C. The meet was split into three timebands so swimmers swam within certain times rather than in age groups. Swimmers who went faster than their entered timeband were deemed ‘TOO FAST’.
We had 6 swimmers down for the 800DF/C which was great although only 4 were able to swim it. Oliver Fairfield excelled himself take just about 1.5mins off his entered time.
We had a total of 17PB swims which was brilliant for the first competition back. Also quite a few medals & 3 swimmers that were ‘TOO FAST’ within their timebands. These swimmers also got medals.
Places as follows:

Gold –    Lucy McDonald 800F/C, 200BR
               Kate Gray 200B/C
               Ben Gray 200BR, 200B/C
               Oliver Fairfield 200F/C
               Daniel Ritchie 200F/C
               Michael Skakle 200F/C
Silver –   Finlay Penman 200BR
               Ben Gray 200F/C
               Daniel Ritchie 200B/C, 200Fly
               Kate Gray 200F/C
               Orla Kennedy 200F/C
Bronze – Michael Skakle 200Fly
Fourth –  Orla Kennedy 800F/C
TOO FAST –  Oliver Fairfield 200BR
                       Daniel Ritchie 200BR
                       Finlay Penman 200F/C
Well done everyone who took part.

HADDINGTON 100’S MEET – 15.09.19
A busy weekend as this meet was the day after the Tranent one. We had  a big entry for this competition which consisted of all the 100’s, a 400IM & 400F/C. It gave swimmers a chance to get new times after the summer break & to see how their fitness is coming on.
Over the two sessions Inverleith swimmers managed 35PB swims & a great assortment of medals & places. We were aiming to try & swim with good technique & really work on starts & turns. Seven swimmers did the 400F/C & two the 400IM & we managed 5 good PB’s with others being close to their entered times.
Places as follows:
Gold –    Joshua Drainer 100Fly
               Felix Hale 100Fly, 100F/C
Silver –   Felix Hale 100B/C, 100Br
               Michael Skakle 100BR
               Ben Gray 100Fly
               Cameron Alexander 100Fly, 100F/C
Bronze – Ben Gray 100B/C
               Joshua Drainer 100BR
               Cameron Alexander 100BR
               Gabbie Glean 100BR
               Anna Perry 100BR
               Kerr Duncan 100F/C
Fourth –  Cameron Alexander 100B/C
                Lucy McDonald 400F/C
                Ben Gray 100F/C
                Michael Skakle 400IM
Fifth –      Leo Bryce 100Fly
                Orla Kennedy 100F/C
Sixth –     Rose Penman 100B/C
                Joshua Drainer 100B/C
                Alice Perry 100Fly
                Orla Kennedy 100Fly
Very well done everyone.

28TH September

This was a new meet and well attended by our swimmers.  We were located in the balcony at the pool so having an extra pair of hands was needed, thank you Angela.  In the morning session we had 21 PB's and some fun relays, where our 11-13 age group A team came 3rd and our B team came 6th, the 14 and over age group teams came 1st and 3rd, in what was a very exciting race!

In session 2 we had 24 PB's with Cameron Alexander going too fast in the 50 free.

Well done all swimmers involved



5TH & 6TH October, 2019
We had a big entry in this meet with some super very competitive swimming with a total of 59PB swims which is fantastic. The swimmers competed over 50’s, 100’s & 200’s which were all heat declared winners (HDW). It was great to have some swimmers taking part who don’t compete very often.
Places as follows:
Gold –      Greig McVicar 50Fly
                 Joshua Drainer 200Fly
                 Michael Skakle 100IM
Silver –     Greig McVicar 50F/C, 50B/C, 200F/C
                 Michael Skakle 200BR, 50BR
                 Ines Donald 100IM
Bronze –   Michael Skakle 200B/C, 200IM, 100Fly
                 Joshua Drainer 200BR
                 Cara Bryce 200BR
                 Ines Donald 100BR
                 Calum Rathjen 100B/C
Fourth –    Anna Perry 200BR
                 Oliver Fairfield 200BR
                 Alice Perry 100BR
                 Ben Gray 100BR
                 Calum Rathjen 100IM
Fifth –       Joshua Drainer 200B/C
                 Innes Penman 200BR
                 Lucy McDonald  200F/C, 100IM, 100Fly
                 Cara Bryce 50BR
                 Oliver Fairfield 50BR
                 Finlay Penman 100F/C
                 Alice Perry 100B/C
                 Ben Gray 100Fly
Sixth –      Innes Penman 200B/C
                 Oliver Fairfield 50Fly, 50B/C
                 Lucy McDonald 50B/C
                 Cara Bryce 100BR
                 Finlay Penman 100BR
Very well done to everyone who took part & to parents who did timekeeping.

Of course there were many other competitions our swimmers competed in this year, and all the coaches are very proud of them!




Upcoming competitions:

12 January LDD Development
18-19 January East District Age Groups round 3
25-26 January ELST Age Group
1 February Lothian Junior Graded
8-9 February Carnegie Spring
22-23 February East District Age Groups finals
7 March Lothian Leagues round 1
13-14 Edinburgh International
21-22 Portobello Mad March

Entries for external competitions, time trials and swimmers' PBs

When invitations are sent out for external competitions, swimmers should think carefully about which events they would like to swim. Once swimmers are taking part in competitions where there are longer distances (eg 200m, 400m swims), it is generally not a good idea to enter every event. If they are not sure which events they should enter, they should ask their coaches for advice. 

If swimmers do not have times for any of the events that they would like to enter, it is a good idea to let me know as early as possible. It is more difficult for coaches to undertake time trials at the moment as the pools are busy and they need a whole lane for time trials. If swimmers do not have times, they are unlikely to be able to swim in external competitions, so please let me know quickly if they do not have a time for an event they would like to enter.

Swimmers and parents should keep a note of PBs throughout the season. There are two places you can find swimmers' times: on the Rankings on Swim Scotland website (external competitions) and on Inverleith website for internal competitions. I can provide a report from the competition database with PBs of swimmers but I am only willing to do this once per season for each swimmer. If any parents would like me to send them such a report, please let me know. After that, it is your responsibility to keep it up to date.


Shona Skakle
Competition Secretary



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