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A very warm welcome to the February newsletter from myself and the committee. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all at the Club Championships but in the few weeks since, we've packed in a huge amount of swimming. It is really heartening to see so many swimmers training hard and wanting to compete in external competitions.

I also want to say welcome to our new swimmers and parents. Please take time to chat with other parents on the balcony and even consider volunteering to help. We're always looking for poolside helpers and timekeepers so don't be shy about coming forward. We need to supply a certain number of officials every time we enter a competition and the internal cups can only take place with the help of parents volunteering to time keep. The club bears the cost of training courses but we need a certain number of people doing the course to make it viable to run one be it poolside helper or timekeeping so please let know if you would like to help out while watching your child swim.

The club is currently oversubscribed with a 6-12 month waiting list in operation for membership. The next trials are in April though any swimmer who is beyond Prep group will be placed on a second waiting list.Annual Membership requests will be going out this month with payment being due by 12 March. The maximum figure will be £68.50 per swimmer.
The period between now and Easter is traditionally very busy for competitions and it looks like there is one almost every weekend. Remember to check your emails for competition information. For new swimmers to the club and those starting to participate in competitions, most external events have a small charge per swim. You don't need to do anything at the time of entering as Kathy sends out a regular note to everyone about competition fees. The different types of competition can also be a bit baffling so if you're not sure what the difference is between a Novice, a Graded and an Open meet, or how the various internal cups work, then please just ask.

Our Annual Dance is almost upon us. We're really excited to be trying out a new venue this year. The growth in membership over the last couple of years means that we needed a larger place hence the move to Goldenacre and Heriots Rugby Club. Ticket sales are going very well but it's not too late if you haven't yet secured yours. Swimmers are free and adults and siblings are £6 each - just speak to any of the committee or coaches to order tickets. The big day is Saturday 7th of March and it starts at 7.30. There will be a disco, food, tombola and raffle and, of course, the prize giving from the Club Championships.

Finally, whilst we are a competitive club, the primary aim is for the swimmers to enjoy themselves whilst working hard to improve their fitness and skills. To maintain the high standards that we have set ourselves, we encourage feedback from parents and swimmers. So if there's anything that you'd like to see us do differently or have any new ideas, please either drop me a note or speak to any of us on the committee.


Remember the internal Cups next weekend, Sunday 1 March. All prep group swimmers are eligible for the Anderson Cup, all swimmers in Intermediate squads are eligible for speed awards (check the website or notice board for details of medals and times required) while those under 12 on the day of the competition will also be eligible to compete for the Huntley Cup where each swimmer does two lengths of each stroke. The winner of the Cup will be the swimmer who shows the most improvement in a time compared to the previous Huntley Cup. All 4 strokes will be swum in the one session. The Anderson Cup is awarded to the swimmer who has the fastest combined time of a 25m of each of the 4 strokes

Here are the dates of the Internal Competitions open to all swimmers except Prep group for this year. Full details will be issued nearer the time.

Also dates of external competions up till June that the coaching staff are considering (some of you may have been notified about the Leagues but can I just remind you that this a team event and it's important that you take part). You will be notified if you meet the entry criteria and the coaches wish you to take part in the external competitions.
Internal Cups (full details will be issued nearer the time)
Sunday 1 March   Anderson/Huntley Cups/Speed Awards
Sunday 15 March   
Knight Trophy (11 and under 100 fly) 400Trophy (12 and over 400 freestyle)
Sunday 29 March  
Huntly Cup (11 and under 100 IM) McMillan Cup (12 and over (100 IM)
Sunday 10 May       
Lee Trophy (13 year old 200 freestyle)
Macfadyen Cup (14 and over 800 freestyle for girls and 1650 freestyle for boys)
Sunday 24 May       
Peter Allan Cup and Fraser Cups (100 freestyle - time based)
Sunday 31 May, 30 August, 29 November for Huntley Cups
Saturday 5 December Annual Club Championships.
EXTERNAL COMPETITIONS (you will be notified if required)

Saturday 7 March    
Lothian Region Leagues Round 1
Saturday & Sunday 21/22 March    Portobello Mad March Meet

Wednesday 1 - Sunday 5 April     Scottish National Age Groups
Saturday & Sunday 25/26 April    
Midlothian Spring Meet

Saturday 2 May    Lothian Region Leagues Round 2
Sunday 3 May      Haddington Total Swimmer
Sunday 10 May    Hearts Novice Meet
Saturday & Sunday 15/16 May   Tough IM Meet ( TBC)
Saturday 23 May    Livingston District Dolphins Graded Meet

Saturday 6 June Lothian Region Leagues Round 3



Six Inverleith swimmers qualified for the finals for the Scottish Schools competition at Aberdeen Sports Village in January. We had Angus Allison in 50 breast, Cameron Alexander in 50 fly, Carla Lovell in 50 breast, Joe Penman in 100 and 200 back, Felix Hale in 50 free and Cameron Alexander and Adele McDaid in school freestyle relay teams. Angus, Cameron and Felix all made it into the finals for their events.

Angus was placed 3rd and brought home a bronze for Broughton Primary.
Carla was placed 14th for Leith Walk Primary.
Cameron was placed 10th for Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools.
Felix was placed 10th for Wardie Primary.
Joe came 12th in 200 back and 13th in 100 back for Broughton High School.
Cameron’s relay team came 4th overall for Erskine Stewart Melville’s Schools.
Adele’s relay team came 4th overall for Erskine Stewart Melville’s Schools.

These were all excellent results for a tough competition. Thanks are due to Lana Borwick, ex-Inverleith coach for keeping our swimmers right on when to marshall. Well done everyone!

We had  a good number of swimmers who took part in the Long Course round of the East District Age Groups at the RCP.
We managed to swim 34 PB’s which was fantastic. Joe Penman made the 100B/C final with a new PB & came in 4TH & Angus Allison PB’d to get into the 100 BR final coming 7TH & did another PB in the final. Angus Skakle did two 8sec PB’s in his 100BR & 200IM which was fantastic.
We also had boys & girls 10 – 12 year old relays for both Medley & freestyle which is a first. Our boys Medley relay consisting of Felix Hale, Angus Allison, Cameron Alexander & Danny Penman came 4TH & their Freestyle relay came in 8TH. The girls, Adele McDaid, Adelade Walker, Carla Lovell & Faye Fulton came in 13TH in the Medley & 12TH in the Freestyle.
Great swimming from everyone. The RCP is such a great venue, as a coach you don’t get soaked every time someone dives in!! It is great for the swimming as well.

We had 18 swimmers in total taking part in the above meet which was a good number. We managed 23 PB’s on the Saturday & 23 on the Sunday.
We had lots of swimmers placed which was brilliant.
Gold – Adele McDaid – 100Fly
Silver – Cameron Alexander – 200IM
4TH – Angus Skakle – 200IM
          Stuart Crawford – 200IM
          Joe Penman – 100BR
5TH – Felix Hale – 200IM
6TH – Stuart Crawford – 100Fly
          Felix Hale – 100Fly
Gold – Felix Hale – 200F/C
           Joe Penman – 400F/C
           Joe Penman – 100F/C
           Emily Mander – 100B/C
Silver – Cameron Alexander – 100B/C
Bronze – Rebecca O’Donnell – 100F/C
4TH – Danny Penman – 100B/C
          Charlotte Drainer – 100BR
          Angus Skakle – 100BR
          Cameron Alexander – 200F/C
5TH – Danny Penman – 200F/C
Well done to all the swimmers who took part.
This competition was a first external gala for a lot of the swimmers & is a good leaning experience for them. Before each stroke we were given a demonstration swim by a senior swimmer.
Our swimmers did extremely well. The six swimmers in the morning session  produced 24 PB’s  which was for the younger swimmers & 12 in the afternoon when we only had three older swimmers taking part.
There are no individual placings in this competition but all swimmers got a momento for taking part. While there were no awards for places our swimmers were frequently in the top six which was fantastic.
1ST – Sasha Hale – 50B/C
         Angus O’Connor – 50B/C
2ND – Isabella Black – 25Fly
          Sasha Hale – 50BR
          Isabelle Roe – 50B/C
          Isabella Black – 50F/C
          Rachel MacLeod – 50Fly
          Rachel MacLeod – 50B/C
3RD – Isabelle Roe – 25Fly
          Morgan Reid – 50B/C
          Sasha Hale – 50F/C
4TH – Sasha Hale – 25Fly
          Angus O’Connor – 25Fly
          Angus O’Connor – 50BR
          Isabella Black – 50B/C
5TH – Rachel MacLeod – 50BR
6TH – Frank Gray – 25Fly
Well done everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your swims. 
ELST MEET – 1.02.15
This was a two day meet which was condensed into one day as the entries were very poor. It made life very complicated but did mean we got loads of swims but had some very tired swimmers.
Our swimmers managed 24PB’s in the morning session & 33 in the afternoon which is fantastic. Some of our senior swimmers did 50m swims for the first time in ages & did some incredible PB’s. We came away with lots of medals.
Gold – Danny Penman – 200B/C
            Rebecca O’Donnell – 200F/C
            Danny Penman – 50F/C
            Carla Lovell – 50BR
            Claire Dow – 50BR
             Hannah Watson – 50BR
            Joe Penman – 400F/C
            Danny Penman – 400F/C
            Angus Skakle – 400F/C
            Ted O’Connor – 50BR
            Joshua Mitchell – 50BR
            Logan Dow – 50Fly
            Felix Hale – 50Fly
            Adele McDAid – 200IM
            Ted O’Connor – 200BR
            Joe Penman – 200F/C
            Angus Allison – 400IM
            Hannah Watson – 200BR
            Scarlett Donald – 200BR
            Carla Lovell – 200BR
            Claire Dow – 200BR
Silver – Stuart Crawford – 200B/C
             Hannah Watson – 200F/C
             Charlotte Drainer – 200F/C
             Joe Penman – 50F/C
             Ted O’Connor – 50F/C
             Rebecca O’Donnell – 50Fly
             Charlotte Drainer – 50Fly
             Claire Dow – 50Fly
             Mia Fulton – 50BR
             Charlotte Drainer – 50BR
             Scarlett Donald – 50BR
             Logan Dow - 50BR
             Danny Penman – 50BR
             Carla Lovell – 400F/C
             Joshua Mitchell – 50Fly
             Scarlett Donald – 200IM
             Carla Lovell – 200IM
      Matthew Wisniewski – 200BR
          Faye Fulton – 50F/C
          Rebecca O’Donnell – 50F/C
          Claire Dow – 50F/C
          Danny Penman – 200F/C
          Hannah Watson – 50B/C
          Charlotte Drainer – 50B/C
          Claire Dow – 50B/C
          Gavin Tennant – 200Fly
          Adele McDaid – 200BR
          Joshua Mitchell – 50B/C
          Felix Hale – 50B/C
          Joe Penman – 50B/C
Bronze –
Logan Dow – 50F/C
Scarlett Donald – 50Fly 
Joshua Mitchell – 200IM
Matthew Wisniewski – 50BR
Ted O’Connor – 50Fly
Gavin Tennant – 50Fly
Hannah Watson – 50F/C
Carla Lovell – 50F/C
Joshua Mitchell – 200F/C
Matthew Wisniewski- 200F/C
Felix Hale – 200F/C
Adele McDaid – 50B/C
Faye Fulton – 200BR
Angus Allison – 50B/C
We also had loads of swimmers in 4TH, 5TH & 6TH places but I will be up all night if I type them out. Apologies if I have missed any of the Gold, Silver & Bronze winners. Full results are on the swimscotland website.
Well done everyone.
We had 10 swimmers in total who took part in this meet & they did well to get accepted as it was hugely over-subscribed.
Over the two days we managed 24 PB’s swims some of which are qualifying times for Scottish National Age Groups (SNAGS) which take place in April this year.
There were a couple of our very young swimmers taking part Ines Donald in the 100 & 50 BR & Michael who qualified for all four 50’s. Ines was 4TH in her 100 with a 6sec PB. The following day she got into the final of the 50 with a new PB & then PB’d again to come 3RD in the final winning herself a Bronze medal. Well done Ines. Michael PB’d in all his swims making three out of the four finals. He did a second PB in his fly final coming in 6TH , also in his back final where he managed 4TH & was 6TH in the breast final. Pretty good going for a young man who managed to split his head open at lunchtime on Saturday!!
Felix Hale did a cracking 200B/C PB taking nearly 10secs off his entry time which was amazing. Mind you I nearly had a heart attack every time he turned as he appeared too far away from the wall, lucky I have a strong heart Felix!! Angus Allison & Cameron Alexander both did really good PB’s in the 200BR with Cameron taking nearly 10secs off & Angus 6. Angus’s swim was good enough to gain a 3RD place so he came away with a Bronze. Both Joe Penman & Stuart Crawford did good 100 B/C swims, Joe going out hard from the start & gaining his SNAGS time for that event.
It was a good weekend despite being a very warm pool & and a competition I hope we will do again next year. Well done everyone.
Bronze – Angus Allison – 200BR
               Ines Donald – 50BR
4TH – Ines Donald – 100BR
          Michael Skakle – 50B/C
6TH – Michael Skakle – 50Fly
          Michael Skakle – 50BR


Edinburgh Leisure and most pools we visit for competitions have strict rules regarding the use of devices capable of taking pictures poolside whether or not you are only using them to text or check emails. We risk losing our let of the pools if any more parents have to be cautioned by staff so please respect the rules and don’t argue with people who try to enforce it.

If you wish to use these devices while your children are at their training session please either use the cafe area, the corridor or outside the building.
On a positive note if you do want a photograph of your children swimming some competitions have official photographers where if you let them know  the heat your child is in they will have photographs taken for you to buy afterwards. It is also sometimes possible to fill in a form at competitions and get a wrist band permitting you to take photographs or video of your child swimming. Read the programmes on arrival for further clarification.


If anyone needs any kit for camp please let Judith know by the end of February to allow time for any orders to be processed.  A club hoody (£18) and a kitbag (£26) can be very handy for Newcastleton as well as the usual training essentials - float pack (netbag, pullbuoy and kickboard)(£20), fins (£17) and club caps (£5). Email or call/text 079999 35178 to order if you can't catch me at poolside.


Kathy would like to thank everyone for their continued kind thoughts following the loss of her husband in December, and the first anniversary of the loss of her son Brian.
Our best wishes to the Fulton family. Jill married Ged Boyd earlier this month and Faye and Mia were beautiful bridesmaids.


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