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12/13.01.19 – Glenrothes
This was the 200m round of the EDAGS where swimmers swim the individual strokes over 200m, the IM is in Round 4. Over the course of the weekend we managed 16PB’s with some great racing. Swimmers are really working on how they swim races & working on starts & turns with strong u/water work being a priority. The 11-13 age group have heat declared winners & the 14 & O have to do it all again in the finals.
Places as follows:

Fourth –    Felix Hale 200F/C
Fifth –       Felix Hale 200Fly
                 Ines Donald 200BR
Sixth –      Daniel Ritchie 200Fly
                 Cameron Alexander 200Fly
                 Felix Hale 200B/C
Seventh – Daniel Ritchie 200BR
Eighth –    Felix Hale 200BR
Great work swimmers.

19/20.01.19 – Glenrothes
This meet was so long ago that it has blurred into all the rest of the competitions since then!! It was a graded meet which means swimmers cannot be faster than the given times to enter & at the meet there are ‘TOO FAST’ awards given to swimmers who swim 2% faster than the entry times. The ‘TOO FAST’ awards were lovely so well done to those who achieved them.
A few of our swimmers opted to do 400F/C & every one of them swam a PB & raced it really well. Anna Perry took an amazing 51secs off her entered time. We managed 40 PB’s, 6 medals & 4 ‘TOO FAST’ awards.
Places as follows:
Gold –         Logan Le Pelley 100Fly
Silver –        Logan Le Pelley 200IM
                    Sam Drainer 100B/C
Bronze –     Sasha Hale 100B/C
                   Jenna Harkins 50B/C
                   Abbi Reid 50Fly
Fourth –      Sam Drainer 100F/C
Sixth –        Joshua Drainer 100BR
Seventh –   Sam Drainer 400F/C
TOO FAST – Anna Perry 50BR
                      Logan Le Pelley 50B/C
                      Jack McInally 50Fly
                      Sam Drainer 50F/C
Great swimming everyone.

Sunday 27.01.19 – Prestonpans
This was a great meet for many of our swimmers who had never competed or had not competed much. We had 15 swimmers in the morning session & 14 in the afternoon. The swimmers were fabulous doing an amazing 50 PB swims. Many swimmers took big chunks off their times which was brilliant.
Places as follows:
Gold –      Innes Penman 100B/C
                Charlie Brewer 200IM
                Anna Perry 100Fly
                Finlay Penman 100F/C
Silver –    Anna Perry 100BR
                Freya Chambers 100B/C
                Innes Penman 100F/C
                Elora Anderson 100Fly
                Finlay Penman 100Fly
                Gabbie Glean 100BR
Bronze –  Elora Anderson 100B/C, 100F/C
                Finlay Penman 200IM
                Asiyah Williams 50F/C
                Charlie Brewer 100Fly
                Innes Penman 100BR
Fourth –  Munro Lawrie 100BR
                Anna Perry 100B/C
Fifth –     Beth Alexander 25Fly, 50F/C, 50BR
Sixth –    Hector Lawrie 50BR
               Sophie Yeoman 50Fly
I hope that I have not missed anyone out, apologies if I have. Great swimming everyone.

EAST DISTRICT Round 4 – Finals
RCP 9 & 10.02.19
We had lots of swimmers who qualified for individual events as well as several relays at the above meet. This was the final round of the series of East District events (EDAGS) which, this year, was split into four rounds. I think we had 38 PB swims in total. Some of the times were not faster than the entered times but as a lot of the times were conversions from a short course time (25m time) they count as long course PB’s.
It was a very long weekend but at least it was at the commie which reduced the amount of travelling. Our swimmers were fantastic & raced really well over the course of the weekend.
Places as follows:
Silver – Boys 15/16 Free Relay – Cameron Alexander, Daniel Penman, Kerr Duncan    & Felix Hale
Bronze – Felix Hale 200IM, 100F/C
               Ines Donald 100BR
               Boys 15/16 Medley Relay – Felix Hale, Kerr Duncan, Cameron Alexander & Daniel Penman
Sixth – Felix Hale 100B/C
            Greig McVicar 100F/C
            Charlotte Drainer 100BR
            13/14 Boys Medley Relay – Ben Gray, Michael Skakle, Joshua Drainer & Greig McVicar
            !3/14 Boys Free Relay – Greig McVicar, Michael Skakle, Joshua Drainer & Ben Gray
Seventh – 13/14 Girls Free Relay – Sasha Hale, Cara Bryce, Anna Perry & Ines Donald
                 15/16 Girls Free Relay – Lucy McDonald, Abbi Reid, Kate Gray & Orla Kennedy
Eighth – Ines Donald 200IM
              Felix Hale 100Fly
              13/14 Girls Medley Relay – Sasha Hale, Cara Bryce, Ines Donald & Anna Perry
Well done everyone.

Sunday 24.02.19 - Bathgate
Very well done to all the swimmers who took part in this meet. We had some super swims both in the morning session & in the afternoon one. Our swimmers managed 13PB swims over the course of the day & the swims that weren’t PB’s were very close to the swimmers times.
 Michael Skakle & Joshua Drainer both had fantastic swims in the 200Fly with Michael taking 10secs off his entered time & Joshua 7secs off, which gives them both consideration times for SNAGS. Joshua also improved his 100Fly by 1.5secs & his 400IM by 4.5secs. Michael had another great swim in his 100B/C & improved by 2.5secs.
Lucy McDonald had two great swims having not long returned to training & competition after having surgery to her foot. Her Fly was faster than she had done at EDAGS & she managed a PB in her F/C. Very brave swimming Lucy.
Greig McVicar won his 100F/C with an improvement of 3.3secs on his entered time & took a second & a half off his 100Fly.
Ines Donald came third in her 100F/C & then very soon after that had a 200Fly which she improved by a second & another third place.
Ben Gray had a super 200B/C swim dropping his time by 2.5secs & nearly giving me heart failure with his start!!!
Places as follows:
Gold – Greig McVicar 100F/C
            Michael Skakle 200Fly
Silver – Joshua Drainer 200Fly, 400IM
Bronze – Faye Williamson 200F/C
               Ines Donald 100F/C, 200Fly
               Ben Gray 100BR
Fourth – Kate Gray 200BR
              Joshua Drainer 100Fly
Fifth – Faye Williamson 100B/C
            Lucy McDonald 100Fly
            Greig McVicar 100Fly
Sixth – Lucy McDonald 100F/C
Well done everyone.



9 March                  Lothian Leagues round 1

27-31 March           Scottish National Age Groups

6-7 April                  Portobello Mad March

27-28 April              East District Open and Long Course Time Trial





By now you’re probably aware that IASC is having the annual presentation dance on the 02/03/2019. We hope to see as many people as possible there on the night.

We are hoping to hold a small auction on that night to raise funds to support the club.

To this end we are looking for donations from as many of you as possible that we can auction on the night, please also donate prizes for the raffle.

We would be hugely grateful for any donation you or any local businesses you may work for/own/be affiliated with might be able to make to help support our fundraising efforts.

All donations will be properly thanked and acknowledged on the evening (unless you ask us not to of course).

Examples of some things that seem to go well are meal vouchers, beauty or nail vouchers, whisky, sports tops, nights away and wine or Art or signed merchandise. These are just some examples of things but really if you can donate or source anything at all that would be fantastic.

If you can’t donate anything then you could still help on the night by putting your bids in for any of the items we have got.  Also you can buy raffle tickets too.

Email Brenda Perry or call 07581102771 with any questions or to arrange donations. Thanks in advance.

The Annual Presentation Dance is on Saturday 2 March at 7pm in Duddingston Golf Club.  

David Little is selling tickets at a cost of £5.



Sunday 03 March

Knight Trophy (11 and under 100 fly) 400Trophy (12 and over 400 freestyle)
Sundays 10 Mar, 2 June, 1 Sept, 17 Nov

Anderson/Huntley Cups/Speed Awards
Sunday 24 March

Huntly Cup (11 and under 100 IM) McMillan Cup (12 and over (100 IM)
Sunday 5 May    

Lee Trophy (13 year old 200 freestyle) Macfadyen Cup (14 and over 800 freestyle for girls and 1650 freestyle for boys) 

Sunday 26 May
Peter Allan Cup and Fraser Cups (100 freestyle - time based)
Saturday 30 November

Annual Club Championships.



Every swimmer was sent an annual Scottish Swimming and Inverleith ASC renewal letter at the beginning of February.  Please remember that all payments must be made by 4 March.  If you haven't received a letter (it could be in your junk mail) please get in touch with me at and I will send another email.

Thank you 



Torremolinos training camp, 11th-16th February 2019,  Twenty-four Performance swimmers attended the intense Torremolinos training camp this year.  They swam 4 hours a day and over the course of the camp swam up to 42kms!

The swimmers worked incredibly hard and committed to every training session, even though they were awake at 5.15am every morning for their 6am till 8am session and then back in the pool in the early afternoon.  Obviously, they did have some time to rest and they spent that either at the beach, eating enormous quantities of local doughnuts or sleeping.

We look forward to seeing their hard work pay off in the forthcoming competitions.  Finally, a a massive thanks to Fiona, Gillian, Chris and David and Alex for coaching the swimmers and organising another successful training camp.

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