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June 2013 Newsletter

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In this issue:
Training sessions over Summer holidays

As we are now into June, there are only have a few weeks left before the summer break. Please note the following dates:

Friday 28th June - Last session at Leith Victoria

July - No training

Sessions will restart as follows:

Thursday 1st AugustAdvanced squad training resumes at RCP 

Friday 2nd August Normal training resumes at Leith Victoria

Sunday 4th and 11th August onlyPrep training 5-6pm with Intermediate 2; all other squads as normal

From Monday 5th August - all training as normal except:

  • Advanced training at Glenogle on Monday 5th and 12th instead of Ainslie Park
  • No Prep training at Trinity until advised
  • No land training or morning sessions for Advanced until advised 
Have a great Summer!

Pool-side helper and time-keeper courses
Please contact Kathy if you are interested in helping out as a time-keeper or poolside helper. Both time-keeper courses (one Sunday evening) and pool-side helper courses (two Sunday evenings) can be arranged after the Summer break if there is sufficient interest.

Committee members
The Management Committee is always keen to welcome new members and if you feel you would like to contribute, please have a chat with Kathy. The current Committee is made up of volunteers, some of whom no longer have children swimming with the Club, who meet on a regular basis. You do need to become a member of the Club which is a cost of £25.50 for the year. 

Lana goes off to the States
The Advanced squad recently waved Lana off as she returned to the United States of America for another stint as an instructor at Camp America. She will be away for three months but in the meantime Chris Bell, whom most of you know as the Coach for Prep Group, has kindly stepped in to take some of the Advanced training sessions.

Congratulations to Eloise Walker for coming 2nd in the Scottish Schools Cross Country Championships for Primary Schools. Well done Eloise! Congratulations also to Ross Borwick who won the International Ice Hockey tournament in Paris with the Scotland team as well as the National Annual Tournament in Hull last month.

Competition reports

Scottish National Age Group Championships – Royal Commonwealth Pool
(10-14 April 2013)

Sophie Hamilton was our only representative at the Scottish National Age Group Championships held in April. Unfortunately a technical infringement ended in disqualification for Sophie in the 100m breaststroke but she more than made up for it in the 100m butterfly - not only taking an incredible 7 seconds off her entry time to finish in 1:18:71 but also breaking the Club record.

Sophie's time means she now ranks in the Top 20 in Scotland for her age group and has already achieved a consideration time for next year! A cracking few days and very proud - well done Sophie! Thank you to all those who came and cheered Sophie on.

Swim West Lothian Tough IM Meet - XCite, Bathgate
(17-19 May 2013)

The last meet before Lana went off to the United States for the summer and what a weekend! Huge congratulations to the swimmers who attended for their attitude, determination and performances as Club and Meet records were broken, qualification times for nationals and district regional times were achieved and loads of personal bests swum. The three-day Meet was a great success from every aspect.

Results were split into age groups with many swimmers winning medals.

Age Groups: 11 yrs and under; 12 yrs; 13 yrs; 14 yrs; 15 yrs and over

Alex Dean: 100 Fly (10th)
Angus Skakle: 100 Fly (4th); 200 F/C (7th)
Anna Andrew: 100 Fly (7th); 200 F/C (12th)
Aryan Singh: 50 B/C (2nd); 100 B/R (1st); 200 IM (10th)
Claire Dow: 50 F/C (2nd); 100B/C (1st); 100Fly (2nd); 100 F/C (3rd); 800 F/C (5th)
Daniel Penman: 50 B/C (5th); 50 F/C (4th); 100 B/C (7th); 100 F/C (9th)
Eloise Walker: 50 B/C (2nd); 50 B/R (2nd)
Emily Mander: 100 B/R (6th); 100 B/C (6th); 200 B/C (5th)
Eve Lovell: 50 F/C (7th); 100 B/R (2nd); 100 B/C (8th); 200 B/R (2nd)
Fraser Allison: 50 F/C (1st); 100 F/C (2nd) 200 F/C (3rd); 1500 F/C (2nd)
Jocelyn Low: 50 Fly (5th); 100 Fly (11th); 200 IM (7th); 200 F/C (8th)
Joe Penman: 50 B/R (2nd); 200 B/C (2nd); 400 F/C (5th); 1500 F/C (4th)
Jonah Walsh: 50 B/C (1st); 100 F/C (3rd); 100 Fly (3rd); 200 F/C (5th); 400 F/C (6th)
Ross Borwick: 100 F/C (5th); 100 Fly (5th); 200 B/R (5th); 200 F/C (7th); 400 F/C (4th)
Sophie Hamilton:  50 Fly (1st); 100 B/R (1st); 200 Fly (1st); 200 B/R (1st); 200 F/C (5th)
Stuart Crawford: 100 B/C (5th); 200 F/C (9th)

Well done to Fraser Allison, Jonah Walsh and Claire Dow who all qualified for the final "Skins" event and competed extremely well.


Hearts Novice Meet -Musselburgh Sports Centre
12th May 2013

We had 13 swimmers taking part in this gala which is for swimmers who have never competed or not competed in many competitions. It is a great gala as there are usually senior swimmers from Hearts demonstrating each of the strokes. We didn’t get a frontcrawl demonstration but saw all the other strokes.

As the competition is for novices, swimmers are not disqualified if they make a mistake but do get told what they did wrong so they can hopefully do it correctly the next time. Swims are time-banded so for those who go ‘TOO FAST’, they receive a ‘SPEEDING TICKET’. The remaining 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed swimmers receive medals.

Our swimmers managed 40PBs which included 10 new times for those who had not previously swum that event before.

A special mention to Matthew Wisniewski who took over 17 seconds off his 50 Fly time and to Jack McInally who improved his 50 B/R by over 11 seconds.

Places up to 6th are as follows:

Felix Hale: 25 FLY
Carla Lovell: 50 B/R
Adelade Walker: 50 F/C

Felix Hale: 50 B/R
Adelade Walker: 50 B/R

4th Place
Jack Bennie: 50 B/R

5th Place
Adelade Walker: 50 FLY
Gregor Watson: 50 B/C
Scarlett Donald: 50 B/R
Gregor Watson: 50 F/C

6th Place
Gregor Watson: 50 B/R

Well done to everyone who took part - some great swims.


Thank you

A message from Tom

Many thanks for the wonderful gift presented to me at the Club Champs in December past. The  inscribed decanter and glasses are lovely and when filled with the ‘malt’  looked even more spectacular and sits in a prominent position in the living room for all to see.

I have many happy memories of my 35 years with the club at home (Golspie, Aberfeldy and Newcastleton) and abroad (S.H.A.P.E and Germany) and locally (Infirmary Street baths) our first base. Over the years I have met swimmers from the past who make themselves known to me as an adult. Some you can still recognise while others have changed. It's amazing when enquiring what they are doing i.e. doctors, policemen and various other occupations. The most recent meeting was with a youngish lady at the last Huntly/Anderson Cups. I knew she had been an air hostess in the Far East with a New Zealand airline as she recognised my younger son when travelling on board. That was a few years ago. She was time-keeping that day. Her daughter is now in Prep Group.

Two of my former swimmers, now in their 20s and still swimming at a higher level (Iain MacMillan and Sally Wood) and are hoping to qualify for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year. I am sure everyone will join me and hope they achieve their ambitions to do so.

I wish the club and swimmers every success for the future.

Tom Watson

P.S Although I have retired, I helped out at the recent swim camp at Newcastleton. The swimmers were great; the helpers were great and everybody had a good time even though the weather was coldish. On the morning of departure several parents came down to help with transport home. One of them popped his head into the kitchen and said ‘you can’t stay away can you’. Its like supporting you local football team - in my case Hearts - once a Jambo, always a Jambo.

Swim Shop

Thank you all for continuing to support the swim shop, we've had a busy couple of months.

The shop info and order form is now updated on the new IASC website, please have a look by clicking here. Or, if you prefer, you can catch me at Leith Victoria on a Sunday, call 079999 35178 or email

If anyone has any ideas for new items for the swim shop to stock, please let me know.



Club Records

Club records have fallen thick and fast recently. Many congratulations to Sophie Hamilton and Fraser Allison who between them have set 7 new Club records:

  • Girls 12 and under 100 Breast. New record of 1.24.79 by Sophie Hamilton on 17/5/13 at West Lothian IM Meet (previous record was 1.26.46 by Sally Wood in 2003)
  • Girls 12 and under 200 Breast. New record of 3.04.29 by Sophie Hamilton on 17/5/13 at West Lothian IM Meet (previous record was 3.13.92 by Sally Wood in 2002)
  • Boys 12 and under 200 Breast. New record of 3.06.53 by Fraser Allison on 17/5/13 at West Lothian IM Meet (previous record was 3.15.41 by Ruaridh Disher in 1999)
  • Girls 12 and under 50 Fly. New record of 35.14 by Sophie Hamilton on 17/5/13 at West Lothian IM Meet (previous record was 35.60 by Moira Watkins in 2007)
  • Girls 12 and under 200 Fly. New record of 2.51.56 by Sophie Hamilton on 17/5/13 at West Lothian IM Meet (previous record was 2.55.61 by Claire Dow in 2011)
  • Boys 12 and under 1500 Free. New record of 20.11.21 by Fraser Allison on 17/5/13 at West Lothian IM Meet (previous record was 21.38.41 by Fraser Alison in 2012)
  • Boys 12 and under 200 Free. New record of 2.24.52 by Fraser Allison on 17/5/13 at West Lothian IM Meet (previous record was 2.27.61 by Iain MacMillan in 1998)
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