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Welcome to our latest newsletter. I hope everyone is looking forward to the summer break and a few weeks away from swimming pools! There may just be a few weeks left of swimming before the break but there's still lots to pack in. 

On the 20th June we have two competitions coming up Aquanauts Annual Graded and the Musselburgh Marlins Summer Fun meets. I don't think even Fiona can split herself between Bathgate and Musselburgh on the same day so thanks to Hilary Alexander (mother of Joe, Danny and Rose) who will be standing in as coach for the day at Musselburgh with Danny as team support.
Finally, the last weekend in June is the Scottish National Open Championships and we have two Inverleith swimmers - Claire Dow and Joe Penman – who have qualified for this prestigious competition which is taking place at the 10 lane Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow. Commonwealth Champions Hannah Miley and Ross Murdoch, World Record Holder in 100m Breast Adam Peaty and Olympic Medallist Michael Jamieson will also be competing. So a really high standard of entry and even more credit to Claire and Joe for qualifying. 

So lots of competitions coming up and I would urge all of our qualified timekeepers to get along to as many of these where you have a swimmer competing. It's really important that the club is seen to support external events by providing officials - and it is easily the best way to watch a days competition when you're only a couple of feet from the finish!



Last sessions:

Ainslie Park Monday 22 06 15
Glenogle Thursday 25.06.15
Leith Victoria Sunday 28.06.15
RCP Thursday will continue throughout for Advanced squad and for 2,9,16 & 23 July will also be open to Intermediate 1 Squad.

There will also be an extra session at RCP from Monday 20.07.15 for 8 weeks which Fiona will be selecting swimmers to attend.
Training resumes:
Glenogle Monday 27.07.15
Leith Victoria Sunday 02.08.15
Ainslie Park Monday 17.08.15 (advanced can train with Int 1 & 2 at Glenogle on 27, 3 & 10/8)
Leith Victoria (Early morning) Tuesday 11.08.15
Leith Victoria Thursday 13.08.15

FORTHCOMING INTERNAL COMPETITIONS (full details will be circulated nearer the time)

Sunday 30 August, 29 November for Anderson & Huntley Cups
Sunday 27 September Gavin Fulton Relay (date tbc)
 Saturday 5 December Annual Club Championships
FORTHCOMING EXTERNAL COMPETITIONS (not all swimmers will be entered for all competitions. If your coach would like to enter you you will be asked by e-mail if you are free and will then be entered which is still not a guarantee of getting a swim as it all depends on number of entries and your times)


Saturday 20 June Aquanuts 14th Annual Graded Meet
Saturday 20 June  Musselburgh Marlins Summer Fun Meet
25- 28 June, Scottish National Open Championships, Tollcross

For further information about the various competitions go to and click on Forthcoming Meets (in date order). The home page also lists latest results so that you can keep track of your times or watch how other swimmers are getting on from the comfort of your own home!


As you will be aware the Club is run by a happy band of volunteers, from our coaching staff up to and including the President. Inevitably volunteers move on as their children do which means that we need new people to take on their work. We have three specific roles which we need to fill please contact if you are able to help out:

Competition Secretary
Grant is giving up his role as Competition Secretary after 5 years and we urgently need someone to take this on. The job is to manage the club's competition programme and involves liaising with the coaches to invite swimmers to enter competitions, submitting the entries to the competition organisers and then recording the results. This is a very 
fulfilling way to contribute to the running of the Club and opportunity to make a real difference to the success of Inverleith – not to mention making sure that you know exactly which competitions are coming up and have your own swimmers times and all sorts of performance graphs at the touch of a button!

Trustee of Trophies
Sarah Matthews’ daughter, Emma, has now left the club so she needs to hand over responsibility for the Club jewels to someone else. This person/s would be required to store all trophies, arrange for the engraving and awarding of them along with medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) where appropriate. These would be for Internal Competitions (presented at Club Championships in December) and Club Championships (presented at the Annual Presentation Dance in March). All trophies when awarded need to be signed for by recipient and collected back in by the trustee within a suitable time frame for engraving but it’s only twice a year so not too onerous – and when you store them at home you can pretend you won them!
Social Committee members 
Are you enthusiastic, full of energy and ideas? Then this will be right up your street. This is a new collaborative role to help with fund raising and the social aspect of the club. Ideas already in hand are designing temporary tattoos featuring the club logo for competitions, organising the Club Championships and Annual dance, and supporting Judith with gear shop items. Between us I’m sure we’ve all been party to numerous fund raising ideas at other schools or clubs. It’s the perfect opportunity to pool ideas (pardon the pun) and raise money to enable Inverleith to offer even better opportunities to our members.

If you are interested in any of the above positions or even just have an idea for fund raising but don't necessarily want the responsibility for implementing it please contact


Lee Trophy (200F/C)
1ST Charlotte Drainer, 2ND Faye Fulton, 3RD Lily McCorkindale
1ST Jack Bennie, 2ND Matthew Wisniewski, 3RD Leo Bryce
Macfadyen Trophies (800F/C – girls and 1650 boys)
1ST Claire Dow, 2ND Rebecca O’Donnell, 3RD Anna Andrew1ST Joe Penman, 2ND Stuart Crawford, 3RD Gavin Tennant
Anderson Cup (May)
1ST Munro Lawrie, 2ND Robert Turkot, 3RD Vera Kagansky
Huntly Cup (May)
1ST Aidan Carey, 2ND Katie Mander, 3RD Isabelle Roe
Peter Allan Cup (100F/C – most improved time)
1ST Rachel Macleod, 2ND Amber Alexander, 3RD Daniel Main
Fraser Cup (100F/C – most improved time for faster swimmers)
1ST Jack Bennie, 2ND Adele McDaid, 3RD Scarlett Donald
Junior Ladies Trophy (100F/C)
1ST Claire Dow, 2ND Rebecca O’Donnell. 3RD Emily Mander
MacLeod Shield (100F/C)
1STJoe Penman, 2ND Stuart Crawford, 3RD Angus Allison

This is a super competition for novice swimmers as there are demonstration swims before the swimmers compete on each stroke giving them something to focus on for their own swims.
We had 16 swimmers accepted with 14 actually taking part in a large number of swims. Our swimmers achieved 41 PB’s, 22 in the morning & 19 in the afternoon.

There were time bands on this event & if a swimmer swam ‘TOO FAST’ they got a speeding ticket. I try & tell the swimmers that these are better than medals as it means that they did a really good PB, not sure that they are convinced! We managed 5 speeding tickets which were in the form of very nice certificates.
Speeding Tickets
Morgan Reid – 25Fly, 50B/C
Daniel Ritchie – 50BR, 50F/C
Lucy McDonald – 50F/C
Ruairidh Bain 50F/C
Daniel Ritchie 25Fly
Lucy McDonald 50Fly
Kerr Duncan 50Fly
Angus O’Connor 50B/C
Susannah Whyte 50B/C
Kerr Duncan 50BR, 50F/C
Daniel Ritchie 50B/C
Angus O’Connor 50BR, 50F/C
Aidan Carey 50F/C
Nathan Broadley 50Fly
Very well done to all the swimmers who took part.

IM TOUGH MEET 15/16/17 May
This is a super meet that we have now done for the past three years & have had more swimmers qualify each year which is great. This year we had 19 swimmers who were accepted although three of them did not take part for various reasons.
Over the weekend we achieved 55PB’s, 28 medals & 3 meet records which is fantastic swimming. Unfortunately we had 3 DQ’s but will hopefully learn from them.

On Friday evening Danny Penman had hoped to get a swim in the 1500 but there were no call offs so he didn’t get his reserve swim. The Saturday saw some great swimming with Felix Hale winning the 200B/C in a new meet record of 2.44.59 which was also a PB. Danny also had a great swim in the same event doing an11sec PB. In the afternoon session Angus Allison made two new meets records in the 200BR & 50BR.

Sunday saw lots more PB’s with Joe Penman taking 9secs off his 200IM time with a super swim. There were also a lot of great swims on the 50’s with just about everyone doing a PB. Adele McDaid had a great swim in her 200BR on Sunday afternoon taking 10secs off her entered time. Joe managed to qualify for the 14 & O IM ‘Skins’ which is a very exciting 50m sprint event. Swimmers start with a 50m F/C then strokes are randomly chosen after that & the swimmer who comes in last in each race is eliminated. Joe was put out after the third round but was pleased with his performance.

Felix Hale 200B/C (meet record)
Joe Penman 200B/C, 50B/C, 100B/C
Danny Penman 100F/C
Angus Allison 200BR, 50BR (meet records)
Carla Lovell 200BR
Joe Penman 50F/C
Felix Hale 50F/C
Danny Penman 200B/C, 50F/C
Carla Lovell 100BR, 50 F/C, 50BR
Felix Hale 100F/C, 50B/C, 200Fly, 200IM, 100Fly, 50Fly
Joe Penman 100F/C, 200IM, 100BR
Angus Allison 200Fly, 200IM
Scarlett Donald 200BR
Charlotte Drainer 50BR
Angus Allison 200BR, 50F/C
Danny Penman 400F/CJoe Penman 100Fly
Carla Lovell 100F/C
Scarlett Donald 50BR
Felix Hale 100B/C
Scarlett Donald 100BR
Ines Donald 50BR
6THInes Donald 100BR
Danny Penman 50B/C, 200IM
Adele McDaid 50B/C
Charlotte Drainer 200BR
Well done everyone who took part you all had a great weekend.

This was a really exciting meet with Inverleith having 22 swimmers entered & accepted, there was only one call off so 21 swimmers took part.

The swimmers nearly all swam 5 events, 100IM, 50 B/C, BR, Fly & F/C scoring points for each swim. The fastest 6 in each age group (10/11, 12/13 & 14/15) all qualified for a final which was a 200IM. We had 33 PB’s in the morning session, 25 in the afternoon & 7 in the finals.

We managed to get 7 finalists & 2 reserves for the finals, who unfortunately didn’t get a swim. The 200IM finals were very exciting particularly the 10/11 boys where we had 3 swimmers who managed a 1,2,3 for Inverleith & the 12/13 boys where Angus swam really well pulling himself into 2ND place.

Finalists were:
Carla Lovell (10/11) – 4TH
Cameron Alexander (10/11) – 1ST
Felix Hale (10/11) – 2ND
Danny Penman (10/11) – 3RD
Angus Allison (12/13) – 2ND
Angus Skakle (13/14) – 2ND
Logan Dow (13/14) – 5TH

Very well done to everyone who took part, it was a great day.



Round 2
The second round of the leagues took place at Whitburn as Prestonpans was closed for refurbishment, so a little bit further to travel but not too far. Once again we had some super swimming with lots of PB’s. 20 in the morning session & 24 in the afternoon. We also had some very exciting relay swims in both sessions.

Michael Skakle 50B/C, 50F/CInes Donald 50BR
10-11 Boys Relay
10-11 Mixed Relay
Adele McDaid 100Fly
Joe Penman 100Fly, 100BR
Daniel Ritchie 50BR
Cameron Alexander 50B/C
8-9 Girls Relay
Adelade Walker 100BR
Gavin Tennant 50F/C
12 & O Mixed Relay
Sasha Hale 50BR
Felix Hale 50BR
8-9 Boys Relay
Adele McDaid 200IM
Angus Skakle 200IM
Rebecca O’Donnell 100Fly
Jack Bennie 100BR
14 & O Boys Relay
Angus O’Connor 25Fly
Charlotte Drainer 200F/C
Ines Donald 200F/C
Kalitza Walker 50F/C
Ellie Hunter 50Fly
Danny Penman 50Fly
Ruaridh Bain 50Fly
10-11 Girls A Relay
Joshua Mitchell 200IM
Lily McCorkindale 100B/C
Leo Bryce 100B/C
Logan Dow 100B/C
Morgan Reid 50B/C
Isabella Black 50Fly
Tom Eccles 100B/C
Joshua Mitchell 100Fly
12-13 Girls A Relay
12-13 Boys A RElay

After this round the teams were placed as follows:
8/9 Girls - 4TH , Boys – 1ST
10/11 Girls ‘A’ – 6TH , Girls ‘B’ – 13TH , Boys – 12TH
12/13 Girls ‘A’ – 3RD , Girls ‘B’ – 13TH, Boys ‘A’ – 5TH,  Boys ‘B’ – 9TH
14 & O Girls – 8TH, Boys – 3RD

Round 3
Back at Prestonpans for the third & final round of the leagues.
We had one or two call offs due to injury or illness but managed to cover most swims. Some great swims again with 16 PB’s in the morning & 19 in the afternoon.

We had a very exciting 12 & under mixed relay with Danny, Ines, Carla & Felix swimming amazingly well to win & they won a shield for the overall mixed relay. Cameron Alexander was also part of that team in previous rounds

Sasha Hale 50B/C
Felix Hale 50BR
11 & U Mixed Relay
Emily Mander 100B/C
Rebecca O’Donnell 100Fly
14 & O Boys Relay
Michael Skakle 50B/C
Daniel Ritchie 50BR
10-11 Boys A Relay
John Mander 100B/C
Gavin Tennant 100B/C
Stuart Crawford 100Fly
Joe Penman 50F/C
Danny Penman 50B/C, 50Fly
Michael Skakle 50F/C
Angus Skakle 200IM
Adelade Walker 100BR
Jack Bennie 100BR
Joe Penman 100BR
Isabella Black 25Fly
Gregor Watson 100IM
8-9 Boys Relay
Ted O’Connor 200IM
Adele McDaid 100Fly
12 & O Mixed Relay
Rose Penman 50BR
Sasha Hale 50F/C
Ellie Hunter 50Fly
Ruaridh Bain 50Fly
Charlotte Drainer 200F/C
Logan Dow 200F/C
Adele McDaid 200IM
Rebecca O’Donnell 200IM
12-13 Boys A Relay
Archie Brindle 25Fl
Ines Donald 200F/C
Jack McInally 200F/C
Holly McCluskey 100IM
Carla Lovell 50B/C
Matthew Wisniewski 200F/C
Joshua Mitchell 200IM 100B/C
Lily McCorkindale 100B/C
Tom Eccles 100B/C
Joshua Mitchell 100Fly
12-13 Boys B Relay

Overall places:
8-9 Girls 5TH , 8-9 Boys 3RD, 10-11 Boys 5TH, 12-13 Girls A 3RD , 12-13 Boys A 6TH , 14 & O Boys 2ND


When Danny and Angus turned up at a recent competition wearing their yellow and black club beanies the crowd went wild!  Swimmers were gesturing to the balcony begging parents to buy them for them and within the hour Judith had sold out.

Inverleith are already one of the most distinctive clubs at external competitions with their distinctive yellow and black named T shirts and one of the loudest as they stand at the end of lanes cheering on their team mates but there is now no mistaking them in the yellow and black hats. If you want one let Judith know. A swimming pool isn't necessarily the most obvious place for a hat but the swimmers seem happy and definitely not out of place in this Scottish 'summer'.


Inverleith swimmers are taking up various opportunities to continue training this summer. If you are aged 8-12 and are interested in doing the Rookie Lifeguard Course there is one on at Leith Victoria from 1-3 July (3.30-5pm). Contact the pool for further information.

At the end of July a number of our swimmers have booked to go on the week long residential course at the at Glenalmond College which is often advertised in the programme at competitions.

By complete coincidence, some of our members have family ties to Islay so 8 swimmers will be training with the Islay & Jura Dolphins this summer. If you have a connection with another club and would like to train with them while you are away you can apply to have a second club listed. Contact Kathy for more information.

Have a wonderful summer!

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