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Well, it finally feels like Spring may have arrived. We can start to look forward to summer although for our older swimmers, this means exams are just around the corner and I wish everyone the best of luck for these.
I hope that everyone who attended the Presentation Dance at Goldenacre had a good time.  I thought the venue worked well and it certainly looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. Some of you have asked me to list the main prize winners from the night:
Overall Girls Champion (11-24 year old age group) – Claire Dow
Overall Boys Champion (11-24 year old age group) – Joe Penman
Joint Winners of the Gibson Cup which is voted for by the coaches. These three swimmers all received their nomination for their selection into the District Regional Programme Bronze Squad in 2014. They are Carla Lovell, Angus Allison and Danny Penman.
Finally, there is mention of this elsewhere in the newsletter but I’d like to express my congratulations to the 7 swimmers who were all accepted for swims in the forthcoming Scottish National Age Groups which are taking place in Aberdeen over the Easter holidays. We have 34 accepted swims which is a fantastic achievement and really demonstrates how the club is moving forward. I hope this inspires all of our other swimmers to train hard and get an opportunity to compete in the same competition as Olympians Hannah Miley and Ross Murdoch.
But of course this only happens because of our very talented and dedicated coaches and poolside helpers.  Everyone that works with the swimmers can feel very proud of this achievement.


Remember the internal cups this afternoon. The confusingly named Huntley Cup 100 IM for aged 11 and under (excluding prep) and the McMillan Cup 100 IM for those aged 12 and over. Warm up for younger swimmers 5pm and older swimmers 5.20pm with a start time of 5.45pm.

Here are the dates of the Internal Competitions open to all swimmers except Prep group for this year. Full details will be issued nearer the time.

Sunday 10 May       
Lee Trophy (13 year old 200 freestyle)
Macfadyen Cup (14 and over 800 freestyle for girls and 1650 freestyle for boys)
Sunday 24 May       
Peter Allan Cup and Fraser Cups (100 freestyle - time based)
Sunday 31 May, 30 August, 29 November for Huntley Cups
Saturday 5 December Annual Club Championships.
EXTERNAL COMPETITIONS (you will be notified if required)

Wednesday 1 - Sunday 5 April     Scottish National Age Groups

Sunday 3 May    Lothian Region Leagues Round 2 (note change of date)
Sunday 10 May    Hearts Novice Meet
Saturday & Sunday 15/16 May   Tough IM Meet ( TBC)
Saturday 23 May    Livingston District Dolphins Graded Meet

Saturday 6 June Lothian Region Leagues Round 3


This was a super meet for our less experienced swimmers with the younger age groups swimming in the morning & the older ones in the afternoon. We had six swimmers taking part in the first session who achieved 14PB’s (Personal Best swims). As well as that we won 7 medals & 2 ‘ TOO FAST’ certificates.
Gold – Sasha Hale – 25Fly
            Isabella Black – 50F/C
Silver – Rose Penman – 25Fly
             Rose Penman – 50BR
             Sasha Hale – 50F/C
Bronze – Morgan Reid – 25Fly
               Isabella Black – 50BR
5TH – Rose Penman – 50F/C
‘TOO FAST’ – Isabelle Roe – 25Fly
                         Isabella Black – 25Fly
In the afternoon we had ten swimmers competing who managed 33PB’s between them with a lot of these times being new times as they had not competed before. We didn’t get any medals this session but I hope everyone enjoyed their swims & will want to compete again.
5TH – Lewis Allan-Brown – 50B/C
         Kerr Duncan – 50BR
6TH – Lewis Allan-Brown – 50BR
Well done to all the swimmers who took part.
LOTHIAN LEAGUES – Round 1, Prestonpans  - 7.03.15)
This was the first round of a three round competition where swimmers take part in a variety of events & relays. It is a team competition so swimmers may not be swimming their favourite or even their best stroke depending on how fast they are , the event is time banded so if swimmers are faster than a certain time they cannot swim that event which makes life interesting & a bit complicated!
The morning session was for the 8/9 years olds & the swimmers aged 10/11. For the first time ever, I think, we had both a boys & a girls 8/9 team which was great. There are no medals presented until the last round of the event but we managed 20PB’s swims in the morning with a few new times for swimmers who had not competed before. Our swimmers swam well & were placed as follows:
1ST – Danny Penman 100IM
         Daniel Ritchie 50BR
         Felix Hale 50Fly
         Felix Hale 50BR
2ND – Michael Skakle 50BR
          Sasha Hale 50BR
3RD – Angus O’Connor 25Fly
          Cameron Alexander 50B/C
          Kalitza Walker 50F/C
          8/9 Boys Free Relay – Angus O’Connor, Ruaridh Bain, Daniel Ritchie, Michael Skakle
          10/11 Mixed Free Relay – Cameron Alexander, Holly McCluskey, Carla Lovell, Felix Hale
4TH – Carla Lovell 50Fly
5TH – Isabella Black 50Fly
          Michael Skakle 50Fly
6TH – Morgan Reid 50B/C
          Ruaridh Bain 50F/C
          Katie Whitham 50BR
The afternoon session saw the 12/13 year olds & the 14 & Over swimmers taking part. In the 12/13 age group we managed to have two teams competing for both girls & boys which, I think, is another first. The 14 & O group had one team each for boys & girls. We managed to produce 25 PB’s which is fantastic considering how often some of these swimmers compete. Again there are no medals until the end of round three but swimmers were placed as follows:
1ST – Joe Penman 100BR
         Joe Penman 50B/C
2ND – Adele McDaid 100Fly
          Stuart Crawford 100Fly
3RD – Angus Skakle 200IM
4TH – Lily McCorkindale 100B/C
          John Mander 100B/C
          Boys 14 & O Free Relay – Stuart Crawford, Logan Dow, Angus Skakle, Joe Penman
          Mixed 12 & O Free Relay – Stuart Crawford, Emily Mander, Rebecca O’Donnell, Joe Penman
5Th – Angus Skakle 100B/C
         Rebecca O’Donnell 100Fly
6TH – Tom Eccles 100B/C
        Adelade Walker 100BR
        Joshua Mitchell 100BR
        Boys 12/13 Free Relay ‘A’ Team – Matthew Wisniewski, Joshua Mitchell, John Mander, Ted O’Connor
Well done swimmers.
The next round is in May with a change of venue & date. This will now take part at Whitburn Pool on Sunday 3RD May. I will get Grant to confirm this as it may mean there are now swimmers who are not available.

Congratulations to Claire Dow, Stuart Crawford & Joe Penman who all qualified for this meet. It was a very big event with a number of internationalists taking part as well as swimmers from a huge number of different countries.
Our swimmers swam really well to give themselves new long course PB’s for most of their swims.
Well done all of you.
We had 13 swimmers in the Saturday sessions which were for the 8 – 11 year olds. The morning session saw our swimmers do 20PB’s including an amazing 17.5sec improvement for Michael Skakle in his 100IM. In the afternoon Inverleith swimmers produced another 16PB’s with huge improvements for Morgan Reid taking 11secs off her 100IM & Ines Donald taking 10secs off in the same event.
The 10/11 boys medley & free relays were fantastic with our boys, Cameron Alexander, Felix Hale, Jack McInally & Danny Penman winning both with a massive lead.
Inverleith swimmers took home lots of medals & to top things off two of our swimmers were awarded Top Swimmers of their age groups. Very well done to Ines Donald Top Girl for the 9 year olds & to Cameron Alexander who is Top Boy in the 11 year age group.
Swimmers were placed as follows:
Ines Donald 50F/C, 50BR, 50Fly, 100IM
Michael Skakle 50BR,100IM
Cameron Alexander 200IM
10/11 Med Relay – Cameron, Felix, Jack & Danny
10/11 Free Relay – Cameron, Felix, Jack & Danny
Danny Penman 200F/C
Cameron Alexander 50BR
Michael Skakle 50B/C
Cameron Alexander 50Fly, 50F/C
Michael Skakle 50Fly
Ines Donald 50B/C
Michael Skakle 50F/C
Isabella Black 50F/C
Cameron Alexander 50B/C, 200F/C
Morgan Reid 50Fly
Sasha Hale 50B/C
Felix Hale 200IM
Morgan Reid 50F/C
Felix Hale 50B/C
Sasha Hale 50BR, 50Fly
Felix Hale 50Fly, 200F/C
Morgan Reid 100IM
Danny Penman 200IM
On the Sunday we had 15 swimmers taking part for the 12 & over age groups. We managed 25 PB swims over the two sessions with some extremely good relay swims.
Orla Kennedy did a very good 200F/C swim to take 7secs off her time which was the biggest Inverleith improvement of the session. Claire Dow had her work cut out for her having entered all six events. It was hard work but Claire still managed a PB in her 200 breast-stroke event. All her efforts paid off when she was awarded the trophy for Top Girl in the 15 & over age group.
Swimmers were placed as follows:
Claire Dow 200IM, 200Fly
Angus Skakle 200Im
Joe Penman 200F/C, 200B/C
Claire Dow 200BR, 200B/C
Stuart Crawford 200B/C
14 & O Girls Medley Relay – Sofia McCorkindale, Mia Fulton, Claire Dow, Rebbecca O’Donnell
Claire Dow 50F/C
Stuart Crawford 200F/C
Joe Penman 50F/C
Charlotte Drainer 200BR
Angus Skakle 200BR
14 & Over Girls Free Relay – Rebecca O’Donnell, Mia Fulton, Sofia McCorkindale, Claire Dow
Scarlett Donald 200BR
Logan Dow 200B/C
Adele McDaid 200IM
Claire Dow 200F/C
Joshua Mitchell 50F/C
12/13 Girls Medley Relay – Faye Fulton, Scarlett Donald, Adele McDaid, Charlotte Drainer
12/13 Girls Free Relay – Faye Fulton, Scarlett Donald, Adele McDaid, Charlotte Drainer
Well done everyone for a very busy weekend of swimming. Inverleith came 4TH overall in the Top Team Competition.


Huntley / Anderson Cups & Speed Awards – 1/3/15
Congratulations to Morgan Reid who won the most recent Huntley Cup and to Sam Drainer (brother of Charlotte) who won the Anderson Cup.
Anderson Cup

  1. Sam Drainer (111.65 seconds)
  2. Cara Bryce (111.83 seconds)
  3. Caroline Whyte (112.23 seconds)
Huntly Cup
  1. Morgan Reid (9.54 second improvement in Fly)
  2. Amber Alexander (9.92 second improvement in Fly)
  3. Isabella Black (7.26 second improvement in Fly)
A number of swimmers also won speed awards which will be on the website soon. Adele McDaid, Carla Lovell, Scarlett Donald, Angus Allison, Cameron Alexander and Felix Hale have now attained Gold Plus for all four strokes.
400 Metre Free & Knight Trophies - 15/3/15
The winners of the latest round of the Internal Cups are as follows:
400 Trophies
Girls                                                 Boys
1ST Claire Dow                                 Joe Penman
2ND Rebecca O’Donnell                   Stuart Crawford
3RD Charlotte Drainer                       Angus Allison
Knight Trophies (100 Fly)
Girls                                                   Boys
1ST Carla Lovell                                 Felix Hale
2ND Ines Donald                                 Cameron Alexander
3RD Orla Kennedy                              Danny Penman
Congratulations to all the swimmers especially the younger ones who made it to the fly final & had to do it all again. Three of the swimmers Carla, Cameron & Felix even managed to swim faster in the final.


If you are going to be participating in external competitions contact Judith to buy a yellow Inverleith T shirt (always useful when going to wear when you're going to collect your medals!), a club hoody costs (£18) and a kitbag costs (£26). If you're competing externally it's good to wear a club cap (£5) so that other Inverleith parents know to cheer for you. Email or call/text 079999 35178 to order if you can't catch me at poolside.


31ST March – 5TH April
Huge congratulations to the following swimmers who have all had their entries accepted for the above championships:

Cameron Alexander
Angus Allison
Scarlett Donald
Felix Hale
Carla Lovell
Adele McDaid
Joe Penman
We have never had as many swimmers qualify for this meet before so very well done to all of you for your hard work.

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