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Do you want something to aim for beyond PBs? The club records are now on the website for short course and long course. We only include records which have been set in metre pools (ie none of the internal cups swum at Leith Victoria are eligible, apart from 800 and 1650 events). As well as maintaining consistency, the main reason for this is that it is easier to set a record with a converted time which would be unfair on the previous record holder.

The club records will be published every 6 months, in January and July.  Why not have a look? Some of the names will be very familiar to you but some of the records have been held for a long time - look how long coach, Louise Allan, has held the 15 year old 200 breast record and the 16 year old 50 breast record. 


If you're new to competitions there are a few practical things you need to know. You should arrive at least 15 minutes before the time of the warm up - that way the coach (usually Fiona) knows whether you are there or not.  This is important because if anyone withdraws on the day, she needs to let the meet organisers know during warm up.

Unlike other clubs, Inverleith pays the fees for competitions in advances and charges these back to parents afterwards. If you do not get a swim because there are too many swimmers you do not need to pay. A request to pay back competition fees will be sent out roughly every two months.

You may have to withdraw from competitions because something unexpected happens or you are ill or you discover you have too many swims.  If you do need to do this, please make sure you let me or Fiona know so we can let the meet organisers know. This means that other swimmers may get the chance to compete.  For some competitions, you may not be charged if you withdraw after the draft programme appears but before the final programme comes out.  For others you will have to pay anyway. 


Lothian Leagues is a team competition run over 3 Saturdays between March and June (this year 5 March / 30 April / 4 June). Age is considered to be age on last day of the competition. There are a maximum of two teams per age group with no more than 5 swimmers per team and no swimmer can swim in more than 2 individual events. If swimmers are faster than a specified time, they are not allowed to swim, so swimmers are often not swimming their best strokes.  There are relays for each of the teams. No medals are presented until June and the medals are awarded to teams rather than individuals. It's great fun so please support the club and swim if you are invited to do so.

Some of you may have heard swimmers and parents talking obsessively about SNAGS times recently. SNAGS is short for the Scottish National Age Groups and swimmers from all over Scotland compete in this competition from the age of 11 upwards. In order to compete swimmers need to be faster than a specific time.  It's a really big competition and tough to get in to. This year it's at Tollcross in Glasgow from 30 March to 3 April.

Congratulations and good luck  to Stuart Crawford, Joe Penman, Angus Allison, Cameron Alexander, Felix Hale, Tom Eccles, Adele McDaid, Eve Lovell, Carla Lovell and Scarlett Donald who will all be swimming at SNAGS this year.



Sunday 27 March Huntly Cup (11 and under 100 IM) McMillan Cup (12 and over (100 IM) Heats and Finals
Sunday 8 May Lee Trophy (13 year old 200 freestyle) Macfadyen Cup (14 and over 800 freestyle for girls and 1650 freestyle for boys)
Sunday 29 May Peter Allan Cup and Fraser Cups (100 freestyle - time based)
Sunday 5 June Anderson/Huntley Cups/Speed Awards
Sunday 4 Sept Anderson/Huntley Cups/Speed Awards
Sunday 27 Nov Anderson/Huntley Cups/Speed Awards
Sunday 3 December Annual Club Championships


Wednesday 30 March - Sunday 3 April Scottish National Age Groups (Tollcross Glasgow)
Saturday 30 April. Lothian Leagues Round 2 (younger swimmers morning, older swimmers afternoon)
Saturday 1 May. Haddington Total Swimmer Meet
Sunday 15 May. Hearts Novice Meet
Saturday 7 . LDD Graded Meet
Friday 20-Sunday 22 May. SWL IM Tough Meet
Saturday 11-Sunday 12 June. ELST Distance Meet

For further information about the various competitions go to and click on Forthcoming Meets (in date order). The home page also lists latest results so that you can keep track of your times or watch how other swimmers are getting on from the comfort of your own home!


KNIGHT TROPHY - 6 March (11 and under 100 fly)

Well done to all the swimmers who participated in the 100 fly and congratulations to the 5 girls and 5 boys who made it to the final. The winners were:
1. Lucy McDonald
2. Holly McCluskey
3. Sasha Hale
1. Michael Skakle
2. Nathan Broadley
3. Sam Drainer

400 TROPHY - 6 March (12 and over 400 free)

1. Adele McDaid
2. Emily Mander
3. Ellie Hunter
1. Angus Allison
2. Stuart Crawford
3. Felix Hale


The boys dominated the Huntly Cup this month:
1. Nathan Broadley (9.01 improvement in fly)
2. Michael Skakle (6.42 improvement in fly)
3. Ben Gray (5.94 improvement in fly)

The Anderson Cup was won by:
1. Kieran Allan Brown
2. Joshua Drainer
3. Emily Fairfield

Next internal cup IM on Sunday 27 March. Next Huntly / Anderson Sunday 5 June. 



On Sunday 17th January I had the great pleasure of being the coach in charge of swimmers from our club at The Livingston & District Dolphins (LDD) development swim meet which was held at Whitburn swimming pool,these development meets are a great way to introduce young inexperienced swimmers to competing,this particular meet was very well run with all the swimmers involved gaining great experience and a trophy to keep as a momentum for taking part before each stroke was swum the swimmers got to watch a demonstration swim and drills from Tain Bruce who has won medals at Scottish national level and I think they were surprised to see her doing the same drills they do at training.The swimmers from Inverleith all did really well with Angus O’Conner fastest in the 10 year old boys 50m back stroke and Cara Bryce posting the fastest time for 10 year old girls 50m breast stroke with Sam Drainer, Guy Kirkpatrick, Otto Bruce Gardyne and Aiden Carey all posting PBs in all or nearly all 4 strokes (well done everyone).If you have any questions about development meets or any other competitions please ask .


Congratulations to everyone who swam in the Lothian Club Championships and succeeded in (eventually!) bringing the Senior Trophy back to the Club. The results read out on the day did not include the final relay so a recount brought the total to:
Inverleith - 211 points
Livingston District Dolphins - 203 points
Unfortunately we didn't have the excitement of winning it on the day and the photo op which followed but we presented it to the swimmers both at Leith Victoria and again at the Club Dance.

BELLSHILL SHARKS OPEN MEET 13/14 February (Fiona Anderson)
We had about 18 swimmers taking part in the above meet which was brilliant, more than we have had in the past. What a weekend, we saw some fabulous swimming from all ages & medals galore. The Bellshill coach was very impressed & wondered what the secret was!!
Angus Allison was swimming exceptionally well & achieved four meet records & an East District record for his 200BR by .01 which has just been confirmed.
Saturday results:
Angus Allison 200IM, 100BR, 200BR
Michael Skakle 200BR
Ines Donald 200BR
Ines Donald 100BR, 50Fly, 100F/C
Michael Skakle 100BR
Felix Hale 200B/C
Angus Allison 20Fly, 100F/C
Cameron Alexander 50B/C
Cameron Alexander 200IM
Adele McDaid 50Fly
Michael Skakle 50Fly
Felix Hale 50B/C
Sasha Hale 50B/C
Joe Penman 50B/C
Carla Lovell 100BR
Joe Penman 200B/C
Cameron Alexander 50Fly, 200BR
Michael Skakle 50B/C
Cameron Alexander 100BR
Michael Skakle 100F/C
Scarlett Donald 200BR
Cara Bryce 100BR
Rebecca O’Donnell 50Fly
Adele McDaid 400IM
Carla Lovell 200BR
Sunday results:
Angus Allison 400IM, 400F/C
Michael Skakle 50BR, 50F/C
Ines Donald 50BR (MEET RECORD)
Michael Skakle 100Fly, 100B/C
Adele McDaid 100Fly, 200Fly
Angus Allison 50BR
Scarlett Donald 50BR
Joe Penman 100B/C
Cameron Alexander 100Fly, 200Fly
Eve Lovell 50BR
Ines Donald 200Fly
Angus Allison 50F/C
Charlotte Drainer 50BR
Sasha Hale 100B/C
Felix Hale 100B/C
Cameron Alexander 50F/C
Felix Hale 400IM, 50F/C
Sasha Hale 100Fly
Rebecca O’Donnell 100Fly
Cara Bryce 50BR
Well done everyone who took part as we had loads of PB’s as well as all the placings. Great swimming.

CARNEGIE SPRING MEET 20 & 21 February (Fiona Anderson)
This was a super meet where we had a big entry for all sessions. It was held at the Michael Wood Sports Centre in Glenrothes which is a great facility & the swimmers seem to really enjoy competing here.
The weekend saw loads of great swims by the experienced & the less experienced swimmers with a lot of PB swims & some very good placings. This was despite the fact that this competition was age at the end of the year so some swimmers who are still 12 at the moment were swimming in the 13/14 age group which is a big jump up.
Despite the fact that we seem to do a lot of PB’s I don’t expect swimmers to PB every time they swim. This is not possible & at times they will swim slower. Getting better is not done in a straight line but more of a zig zag line that goes up & down.
Places as follows:
Gold – Ines Donald 100BR, 200BR, 50BR
            Rebecca O’Donnell 50Fly
Silver – Rebecca O’Donnell 50F/C, 100F/C
             Felix Hale 200Fly
             Scarlett Donald 50BR
             Charlett Drainer 50BR
Bronze – Felix Hale 200B/C
                Rebecca O’Donnell 100B/C
               Cameron Alexander 100Fly
4TH – Holly McCluskey 50BR
5TH – Ines Donald 100Fly
6TH – Ines Donald 50F/C, 100F/C
          Cameron Alexander 200B/C, 400IM, 50B/C
7TH – Eve Lovell 50BR
          Felix Hale 50B/C
8TH – Felix Hale 400IM, 100Fly
         Orla Kennedy 200Fly
         Cameron Alexander 200F/C

ELST Novice Meet 28 February (Fiona Anderson)
We had 11 swimmers taking part in this novice meet, 2 in the morning & 9 in the afternoon.
The swimmers managed a total of 32 PB’s between them which was great. It was an enjoyable day for swimmers who had not competed much & was split into two sessions, 9 & under in the morning & 10 & over in the afternoon.
There were no disqualifications in this meet but if a swimmers did something incorrect then the officials told them what they had done so hopefully they will learn from the experience.
Gold – Amy Elvins 50Fly
Silver – Archie Macdonell 25Fly
             Munro Lawrie 50BR
Bronze – Iona Blair 50BR
4TH – Kate Gray 50B/C
5TH – Archie Macdonell 50BR
          Ben Gray 50B/C
          Esther Silverton 50BR
          Kate Gray 50F/C
6TH – Archie Macdonell 50B/C, 50F/C
Very well done everyone.
LOTHIAN LEAGUES – Round 1 - 5 March (Fiona Anderson)
This was the first round of a three round competition. The morning session was for the younger teams, 8/9years & 10/11. We had two teams for both girls & boys in the 10/11 age group. We don’t have enough swimmers to field a younger team.
Lots of our swimmers have not competed a great deal so it was good to have the opportunity to let as many swimmers take part as possible. We had a lot of very good swims with some great PB’s.
The older swimmers, 12/13 & 14 & over, took part in the afternoon.  Unfortunately we couldn’t manage to get a full team for the 14 & over girls so there were two events where we did not have any swimmers.
Over the course of the day we had several swimmers who swam ‘too fast’ which means they were faster than the times allowed in the rules, I regard this as a positive as it means the swimmers are improving. Unfortunately we also had a few disqualifications so hopefully swimmers will learn from this.
The leagues are a team event so swimmers may not always get to swim their favourite stroke but what is best for the team. There is also a limit on the number of swims allowed.
Places as follows:
10/11 Boys – A Team 4TH (1 too fast), B Team 13TH
10/11 Girls – A Team 3RD, B Team 8TH
12/13 Boys – A Team 5TH (3 too fast), B Team 10TH  (1DQ)
12/13 Girls – A Team 13TH (2 too fast, 1 DQ), B Team 15TH (1 DQ)
14 & Over Boys – 6TH (1 too fast)
14 & Over Girls – 5TH (2 no swimmer)
Well done to everyone who swam especially those who came in at short notice.


It was great to see Inverleith swimmers in warm up alongside big international names like Hannah Miley, Ross Benson, Michael Jamieson, Adam Peaty and Ruta Meilutyte. Well done to Adele McDaid, Carla Lovell, Eve Lovell, Scarlett Donald, Stuart Crawford and Joe Penman all of whom qualified for the event and particular congratulations to Adele McDaid who did some superb PBs and to Joe who made the final of the 100 back coming 6th.

As Head Coach, Fiona Anderson spent all weekend at Prestonpans with our swimmers at the Portobello Mad March Meet and is now busy preparing for SNAGS and Swim Camp a report on that meet will follow in the next newsletter.


I have managed to source some new swim costumes and jammers in the black and yellow club colours. These are made by MARU and will cost £16 for jammers up to 30'' (£18 for 32'' and above) and £17 for swimsuits up to 32'' (£20 for 34'' and above). Please email me or catch me poolside if you would like to order some. I still have some speedo swimsuits available too.

I have just taken delivery of some white t-shirts (with club logos) for our IASC technical officials who help out by time-keeping or judging regularly at external competitions. Please see me if you haven't got one yet as we are presently providing these free of charge. It was great to see another group of parents completing the time-keepers course at Leith Victoria on Sunday. Your contribution at both internal and external competitions is vital for the club.

Unless there are sufficient numbers of officials at competitions they are not accredited which means times can't necessarily be used to enter other competitions, for records or for gaining places in national squads such as the DRP. The afternoon session last Saturday was downgraded from a level 3 to a level 2 meet because they didn’t have enough judges. Inverleith really needs more judges so I would urge anyone who has completed the time-keeper's course to think about taking that next step.

If you have any orders for kit, please catch me at one of the training sessions or at the internal cups (I try to be at most of these) or email me at

A huge thanks to Fiona Donald for organising this year's Presentation Dance at Heriots Rugby Club. It was a great night - the balloons in club colours and the photos on the big screen were inspired ideas - and it was a super opportunity for everyone to have fun away from the poolside. Well done to all of those who helped on the night and many thanks for all the raffle donations

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