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As you know we have just had our annual Presentation Dance, this year held at Duddingston Golf Club.  The presentations went well, thanks to David and Chris. The dancing was good (mostly the girls) and the food was lovely, also thanks to all who organised and contributed to the tombola.  Also thanks for the generous donation of a bike that went to auction, and generated a fantastic £85 for the club.



20 & 21.01.18
We had a few swimmers taking part in this meet, there were some call offs due to illness & people unsure of road conditions but those who took part swam well.
Alan Bain covered the Saturday when the swimmers managed 11PB’s between them & quite a few swimmers in the top 6 for their age group. Aidan Bain did a great PB taking 23secs off his 200IM, well done.
The Sunday saw 15PB’s & again some swimmers in the top 6. Isla Youngs took a massive 20secs off her 100B/C, fantastic swimming.
Silver - Charlotte Drainer 100Fly
             Aidan Bain 50B/C
             Felix Hale 400f/C
             Sam Drainer F/C
4TH –    Charlotte Drainer 200IM
             Sasha Hale 50BR
             Ellie Hunter 50BR
5TH –    Greig McVicar 50BR
6TH –    Kate Gray 200IM
             Greig McVicar 100F/C
             Sasha Hale 100B/C
             Abbi Reid 50Fly
            Joshua Drainer 100BR
Well done to all.


We had a number of swimmers taking part in this meet some who had not competed much so it was a good experience for them. The morning session where we had 6 swimmers managed 10 PB’s between them, several in the top 6 & a ‘Too Fast’ swim. As this is a Graded Meet swimmers can only swim to a certain time & if they go faster than that time they are deemed ‘Too Fast’. Alice Perry got a ‘Too Fast’ award for her 25Fly with a fantastic swim taking nearly 8secs off her time.
In the afternoon we had 8 swimmers with 12 PB’s the biggest was Ella McLoughlin in her 200IM taking off a massive 28secs. Well done. There were a few swimmers who made big improvements in their times.
Gold –      Charlie Brewer 100Fly
                 Munro Lawrie 100BR
Silver –     Emily McDonald 100B/C
                 Munro Lawrie 100Fly
                 Ella McLoughlin 100BR
Bronze –   Katie Mander 100BR
                 Charlie Brewer 200IM
                 Felix Percy-Robb 100Br
4TH –        Alice Perry 100IM, 50B/C
                 Emily McDonald 200IM
5TH –        Katie Mander 100B/C
                 Emily McDonald 100Fly
6TH –        Anna Perry 100F/C
                 Ella McLoughlin 100Fly
Too Fast – Alice Perry 25Fly
Well done to all the swimmers who took part in this meet.


This is a super gala for swimmers who have not competed much as there are demonstration swims for all the strokes with a few technical tips that will hopefully help them develop. The LDD swimmer doing the demonstrations was Alasdair Dunse.
As usual there were lots of PB’s , 10 in the morning & 24 in the afternoon where we had more swimmers taking part. There were no individual medals but every swimmer got a participation trophy to take home. We had the following swimmers in the top 6:
2ND – Munro Lawrie 50BR
3RD – Triona Ritchie 25Fly
          Alice Perry 25Fly
          Elora Anderson 50Fly
          Anna Perry 50F/C
          Munro Lawrie 50F/C
4TH – Hector Lawrie 50BR
          Mahima Gannaboina 50BR
          Freya Chambers 50BR
5TH – Freya Chambers 50B/C
          Mixed 4x50 Free Relay Jessica Roe, Munro Lawrie, Anna Perry, Innes Penman
6TH – Freya Chambers 50Fly
          Elora Anderson 50BR, 50B/C
          Munro Lawrie 50B/C
Great swimming everyone.


– Round 3
We had a fantastic weekend of swimming at the RCP with PB’s galore, lots of finalists & medals too. This was probably one of our best EDAGS ina long time so well done everyone. I think the biggest PB was from Joshua Drainer who swam a brilliant 100Fly taking 17secs off his time. He made the final & took another 5secs off, great swimming.
Gold –      Angus Allison 200IM, 50BR, 100B/C, 100BR, 100Fly
                 Ines Donald 50BR, 100BR
                 11/12 Medley Daiel Ritchie, Michael Skakle, Joshua Drainer, Greig                   McVicar
Silver –     Michael Skakle 50BR
                 Angus Allison 50Fly, 100F/C, 50B/C, 50F/C
                 11/12 Boys Free Relay Michael Skakle, Ruairidh Bain, Greig                             McVicar, Daniel Ritchie 
Bronze –  Daniel Ritchie 50BR
                 Michael Skakle 100BR
4TH –        Daniel Ritchie 100F/C, 50F/C
                 15/16 Free Relay Cameron Alexander, Felix Hale, Joshua Mitchell,                   Angus Allison
                15/16 Medley Relay John Mander, Angus Allison, Cameron                               Alexander, Felix Hale
                 Felix Hale 50B/C, 50F/C
5TH –        Daniel Ritchie 200IM, 100BR
                 Felix Hale 100B/C, 100Fly
                Joshua Drainer 100Fly
6TH –        Michael Skakle 200IM
                 Felix Hale 100F/C
                 Joshua Mitchell 100BR
                 Adele McDaid 100Fly
7TH –        Felix Hale 200IM
                John Mander 100B/C
                Michael Skakle 50Fly, 100Fly
                Cameron Alexander 100F/C
8TH –       Joshua Mitchell 50BR
                John Mander 50B/C
                Cameron Alexander 100Fly
Very well done to everyone.


As we were about to go to camp in Spain we only entered swimmers for the Saturday of this meet & once again it was a good meet for our swimmers who did a number of PB’s, 11 in the morning & 11 in the afternoon, achieved more SNAGS times & came away with quite a few medals. Well done to all who took part. It is a very hot poolside & gallery so well done to parents who officiated or who were spectators.
Gold –    Felix Hale 200B/C
               Ines Donald 400IM
Silver –   Felix Hale 200IM, 100F/C, 50B/C
               Cameron Alexander 100BR
Bronze – Charlotte Drainer 100BR
               Cameron Alexander 100F/C, 50B/C
               Kate Gray 200BR
4TH –      Orla Kennedy 400F/C, 100F/C
               Kate Gray 100Br
               Joshua Mitchell 100BR
               Cameron Alexander 50Fly
               John Mander 50B/C
               Ines Donald 200B/C
6TH –     John Mander 200IM, 100BR
Great swimming everyone.



On the Saturday there were only two swimmers Ben and Rose, both swam well, close to their PB's.  On the Sunday there was Rose, Sam and Aidan.  
in the 50 breast Sam took off 1.76 seconds and Aidan 2.20. Sam dropped 2.05 seconds in the 100 free and Aidan dropped 0.43.  Rose dropped 1.03 seconds in the 100 back.  Aidan took 1.23 seconds from his 50 back and a whopping 40.18 seconds from his 200 breast.  Finally Rose managed to take 3.65 seconds from her 100 free.  Well done!




Hearts Last Chance Meet – Sunday 25th February

Just 1 week on from the training camp and with lots of swimmers still sore and tired, a squad of 12 swimmers assembled in Bathgate for the Hearts Last Chance Meet. The meet gets its name from being one of the last qualifying meets before entries close for the Scottish Nationals Age Group Championships (SNAGs).

Despite still recovering from swimming over 60km in the previous week, there were lots of good swims with a batch of pbs. Kate Gray impressed in winning the 100 breaststroke in a pb and was unlucky in that she missed her SNAGs qualification time by just 0.2s. Nessie Donald turned in a quick 200IM to snatch a silver medal and a qualification time.

Lucy MacDonald swum impressively to come home with silver in the 200 fly and bronze in the 100 fly. Cameron Alexander and Joshua Mitchell also medalled in the 100 fly and 100 breaststroke respectively.

With swimmers missing qualifications by small margins there is still work to be done on speed of turns and underwater breakouts – easy ways to improve with minimal effort! Plenty of opportunity over the year to train hard and get qualification times for other district and national level competitions.





Overall, the camp was a huge success. It was a learning experience for the staff and the swimmers, who over the week swam up to 60km! That is a huge achievement. 

All swimmers demonstrated great spirit, determination and team cohesiveness. They adapted well to the new conditions, and took part fully in the training programme and other activities. In sum, the coaches and I were proud to see the kids represent IASC in Spain and we look forward to seeing the results (both in the pool and through their overall development) over the coming weeks and months. 

In the meantime, the coaches and staff will review the success of the camp and consider what future options are available. All swimmers have been asked for feedback; '2 stars and wish’, and we look forward to hearing how the camp went from the swimmer’s perspectives.



Performance Squad were in Torremolinos for a warm weather camp during the February school holidays. We flew from Edinburgh on Sunday 11 February in the afternoon and came home late on Sunday 18 February. We trained twice a day most days – early in the morning and in late afternoon. The weather was good after the first day and it was great to be on the beach in February.
Both of the swimming pools were very nice. They were both 50m and there was one outdoor pool and one indoor one. Both pools were very clean and the changing rooms were also nice. The outdoor pool was very cold the first day but after that it wasn’t too bad. For our first experience of swimming outside the pool was very good.
The hotel was also very nice. The rooms had either two or three people in them and they all had a balcony along with a bath and a shower. All the beds were very comfy. The rooms also contained TVs and large closets and drying racks out on the balconies. The food at the hotel buffet was quite nice although options were sometimes limited. The hotel also had a small shop and a pool.
The flights to and from Spain went by fine and were perfectly comfortable. We had the back five rows of the plane so we could all sit next to whoever we wanted. The coach rides to and from the airport were also good.
The training sessions were hard but not impossible. All the sessions were different as we did different strokes, distances, speeds etc. We had three lanes and we were in the same lanes every time. Each lane had seven or eight swimmers in it which was a good amount. All of the sets were interesting and even though they were hard they were fun to do.
We were all in teams and were involved in activities in the evenings. We all got to know each other better while we were away and we celebrated Kate’s birthday with a cake.
Thank you to Fiona, Gillian, Chris and David who came to coach us and Alex for coming too and organising everything for us.
We were all tired by the end of the week – it was hard work but we enjoyed it and would recommend a warm weather camp to other swimmers.
Angus Skakle
Club Captain



As you will know the club runs entirely of volunteers and at some points along the way we need more.  We need a volunteer as Trophy Keeper, to store, arrange collection, engraving and delivery of all trophies.  If you would like to volunteer please speak to Kathy or email her at



As you know, I am the Competition Secretary for Inverleith.

There are lots of bits and pieces involved in the job in relation to external competitions - sending out invitations to those who Fiona has selected, gathering the responses, liaising with the coaches about time trials if necessary, sending in entries and payment to the competition organisers, checking through the draft programme and emailing everyone to let them know who has and does not have swims (and working out competition fees on that basis) and asking for officials to cover competitions.

Most competitions require entries to be in roughly a month before the competition happens and we usually get the draft programme about 2-3 weeks before the competition.

At that point, I am usually working on invitations for the next 5 or 6 competitions while, at the same time, organising officials for one that is happening in a couple of weeks.

I know that not everyone can commit to being poolside at competitions but I am hoping that someone would be able to help me by organising officials for competitions once the draft programme is out.  It can be done from home via email so could fit around other commitments.

If you think you can help or would like to know more, I'm happy to let you know what is involved.  Please email me, or I can arrange to meet up with you at Leith Vic one Sunday to have a chat about it.

I don't expect anyone to agreee to help without some idea of what is involved and having a chat does not mean that you have to take it on.

But I would really appreciate the help :) So please do let me know if it is something you might be willing to consider.



Thank you to all who have paid their Annual Membership for the Club and for Scottish Swimming.  There will be a reminder sent out to those who have not yet paid this week.  Please could you email Janet, our Membership Secretary when you have made your payment or if you have already paid please let her know, thanks.



  • 4th Mar - Knight and 400 Trophy Internal Cups

  • 10th Mar - Lothian Leagues Round 1

  • 11th Mar - Huntley & Anderson Cups Internal Cups

  • 17th & 18th March - Portobello Mad March Meet

  • 25th Mar - Huntly & McMillan Cups Internal Cups

  • 28th Mar - 1st Apr - Scottish National Age Groups

  • 22nd Apr - Lothian Leagues Round 2

  • 28th & 29th Apr - University of Aberdeen International Meet
(more to be added)


How to Do a Racing Dive

Leap up and out, then enter the water without a splash for a perfect racing dive.


• Wait at the base of the starting block until the starter gives the instruction to get up.
• Step up onto the block and get a feel for the block's size and stability. This is the time to clear your head and focus on the race you are about to swim. Go over your race strategy one last time, relax and focus.
• Find your footing.
• Bend your knees slightly and reach down to touch (or grab) the block when the starter gives the signal, "Swimmers take your mark." Your weight is on the balls of your feet and your entire body is poised to leap up and out.
• Swing your arms forward and push off with your legs, your feet and even your toes at the sound of the starter (usually a gun or a horn). Aim for the opposite side of the pool.
• Extend your arms over your head, with your shoulders up by your ears, and your legs together and toes pointed.
• Enter the water at slightly less than a 45-degree angle with your body streamlined. Your head is between your shoulders and looking down (this will keep your goggles on). Try to enter the water with almost no splash.

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