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Welcome everyone to the latest edition of the Club newsletter. We're getting close to Christmas which of course means the annual Club Championships on 5th December are nearly upon us. For new members, this is an all day event - apart from Prep swimmers who finish at lunchtime - and everyone competes in all strokes. Points are given to everyone depending on time achieved, all points are added up and winners are declared for each of the different age groups as well as overall girl and boy champion. All Prep swimmers compete against each other and for all other squads, the age groups are 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-24 and Masters.  

Then on 27th February, all winners from the Championships are presented with their cups at the annual Presentation Dance. There are also medals for 2nd and 3rd place. This will be held at Heriot's rugby club, Goldenacre and is a great evening for swimmers and parents. Make sure you have a chance of receiving an award that night by taking part in the Championships. 
Finally, this is my last newsletter as President as I'm handing over the position at the AGM later this month. I'd like to thank everyone for their help and support given to me over the last two years. It's been a lot of fun and also very rewarding watching young swimmers grow and develop into talented athletes. I'm very happy to report that the club is in good health, both from a membership and financial perspective and that bodes well for the future. There will be challenges ahead, particularly as all clubs in Edinburgh compete for pool time, but we are well placed to consolidate our position as one of Edinburgh's most successful clubs.
Best regards


We’re aware that other sports and activities are timetabled well in advance so asked Fiona for some advance notice of forthcoming competitions we are likely to be entering so that you can pencil them into your diary. For further details regarding ages and times required for these competitions you can see them on the home page of the website:

East District Age Groups - 28/29.11.14
Huntley / Anderson Cups - 29.11.15
Club Championships - 5.12.15
Carnegie Graded - 16/17.01.16
East District Age Groups - 22 - 24.01.16 
Lothian Region Club Championships - 31.06.15
Bellshill - 13/14.02.16
Carnegie Spring - 20/21.02.16
Club Presentation Dance - 27.2.15
ELST Novice - 28.02.16
LOTHIAN LEAGUES Round 1 – 5.03.16
Portobello Mad March - 19/20.03.16
Club Easter Swim Camp Int 1 & Int 2 - 28.3-1.4.15
SNAGS - 30.03 - 3.04.16
LOTHIAN LEAGUES Round 2 – 23.04.16
Haddington Total Swimmer - 1.05.16
ELST Distance Meet - 11/12.06.16

The Swim Scotland site also lists latest results so that you can keep track of your times or watch how other swimmers are getting on. Beware it's addictive.


The Club AGM is on Wednesday 25 November at Wardie Church (entrance on Netherby Road) at 7.15am finishing 8.45pm at the latest. All welcome. We have volunteers for all positions so no one attending need feel that they are going to be press ganged into taking on a formal role.
A letter has already been sent out about the Club Championships at Leith Academy on Saturday 5 December. Prep group morning only but swimmers in transition will stay all day. Everyone else all day. Please let me know if you will be swimming as soon as possible, late entries may not be accepted. On the day you need to register at 9.45am, split warm-ups will commence at 10.00am. We would like as many members as possible to participate even if they don’t usually do competitions.
At the lunch break, you can purchase a toastie or filled roll from our café. Kath Drainer has offered to make some rolls but we need more volunteers.
We also need volunteers to do timekeeping. Results of the Club Championships aren’t available on the day but will be posted later as with all internal competitions.
Donations of home baking and items for the tombola can be brought along on the day.

The ever popular Easter swim camp primarily aimed at Int 1 & Int 1 swimmers still has some places, largely because it clashes with SNAGs and MES/Stew Mel aren't yet on holiday so if you would like a great Easter adventure including kayaking, high ropes, cross country running and swimming twice a day let us know.

Any questions please contact


Joe Penman, our prodigal son, who went to Warrender and came back to Inverleith, was selected to represent East District in a UK wide competition. He and Stuart Crawford, our Club Captain, also arranged a competition off their own back in order to try for times for the Scottish short course. We asked him to tell us a bit more:

I was invited to swim in the East District Swim Team in Sheffield, which was in October. We went on a coach on Friday and we swam in the Lincoln Vulcans Meet, I took 2 seconds off my 100 back PB 1:03.06. And next day we swam in the Intercounties Team Championships where I took another 1 sec off.  I met a lot of good people and new friends. I enjoyed the experience, but 5 hours in a coach was too much. 


Stuart and I went to Paisley to try to get times for Scottish Short Course in December. Stuart got his 100 back and 200 back times, I just missed out on 100 free time but still got a PB – we both got into finals and both came second.  Big shout out to Chris Bell for making it poolside while he was so ill, thanks Chris. 

Joe Penman

A lot of big competitions since the last newsletter. Delighted to see lots of PBs and medals for Inverleith swimmers. Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the first round of East Districts, particularly Angus Allison who got a silver and a bronze medal and everyone else who qualified for the long distance round - Orla Kennedy, Carla Lovell, Adele McDaid, Felix Hale, Angus Skakle and Ted O'Connor plus Cameron Alexander and Joe Penman who qualified but couldn't make the competition.Full details below:


We had a lot of swimmers taking part in this meet which was fantastic. It covered all strokes for 50m, 100m, 200m + 100 & 200IM’s which gave a great variety for everyone. The Saturday events were the 50’s & 100’s & the rest took place on the Sunday.

In the first session we managed 26PB’s & 10 medals. Ellie Hunter took a massive 16secs off her 200B/C, Leo Bryce did the same for his 200BR & Matthew Wisniewski took 10secs off his 200BR.
Saturday afternoon saw another 17PB’s & 8 medals. Leo took 25secs & Joshua took 18secs off their 200F/C swims. We also had some very brave swimmers who did great 200Fly swims. Ines & Adele both improved their times by 6secs & 10secs respectively & Joshua achieved a new time as he hadn’t done that event before.

We had another massive improvement in times on the Sunday morning with 30PB’s & 9 medals. Once again some of the swims produced huge improvements in times in the 200IM’s & also in many of the 100’s. As the swimmers get faster it does get harder to take big chunks of time off swims so we do need to keep working hard & listening at training.

Angus Allison achieved the Meet Record for his 100BR in this session.

Chris took over from me on Sunday afternoon as I was heading up North with my daughter, so thank you Chris. Despite the swimmers having such a busy weekend they were still doing PB’s right up to the last event. This session saw 22PB’s & 8 medals. Rachel MacLeod took 16secs off her 100B/C, Holly McCluskey & Sasha Hale both achieved new times as they had not done this event before. Joshua Mitchell took 11secs off his B/C swim.

Angus was Top Boy in his age group for the Meet.

Angus Allison -  50F/C, 200BR, 200F/C, 50BR, 200IM, 100F/C, 100BR (Meet Record), 100IM, 100Fly.
Cameron Alexander -  50Fly
Felix Hale – 100B/C
Cameron Alexander – 50F/C, 200BR, 200Fly, 200IM, 100F/C, 100IM, 100Fly
Felix Hale – 200B/C
Carla Lovell – 200BR, 100BR, 200IM
Carla Lovell – 50Fly, 50BR, 100IM, 100F/C
Angus Allison – 50Fly
Ines Donald – 200BR, 200Fly, 100BR
Felix Hale 50B/C
Cameron Alexander – 200F/C
John Mander – 100B/C
Adele McDaid – 100Fly
Carla Lovell – 50F/C, 100B/C
Ines Donald – 50BR, 100Fly, 200IM
Adele McDaid – 200Fly
Felix Hale – 200IM, 100F/C, 100Fly
John Mander – 100IM
Felix Hale – 50F/C
Ines Donald – 50Fly, 100IM
Joshua Mitchell – 200BR, 200Fly
Carla Lovell – 200F/C, 100Fly
Danny Penman – 50F/C, 100B/C
Felix Hale – 50Fly
Leo Bryce – 200BR
Carla Lovell – 50B/C
Ines Donald – 100F/C, 100Fly
Holly McCluskey – 100BR
WOW that was a great weekend of swimming. Apologies if I have missed anyone out, it was not deliberate.


Another busy weekend at Glenrothes with a lot of great swimming from everyone. A lot of swimmers stayed in Fife as there were roadworks near the Forth Bridge which made travelling tricky.
We produced about 55PB swims which is amazing. Some of the events, 50’s & 100’s had finals so that meant extra swims for those who managed to get into a final.

Angus Allison also made it through to the 14 & U ‘Medley Skins’ which is a very exciting series of 50m swims where a swimmer or swimmers are knocked out each race. Angus made it through to the second round.

Angus also got Top Boy for the 10 – 12 age group.

Well done everyone.

Swimmers were placed as follows:
Angus Allison – 100BR, 100IM
Angus Allison – 200IM, 200BR, 50F/C, 100F/C
Felix Hale – 200B/C
Angus Allison – 200F/C
Carla Lovell – 100BR
Felix Hale – 100B/C
Angus Allison – 200B/C
Joshua Mitchell – 100BR, 200Fly
Angus Skakle – 200BR, 100IM
Angus Skakle – 100BR
Felix Hale – 200F/C, 100F/C, 100IM
Joshua Mitchell – 100Fly
Stuart Crawford – 200B/C
Felix Hale – 50F/C

Day 1
Back at Glenrothes once again. The first round of the ED Age Groups should have taken place over Saturday 31ST Oct & Sunday 1ST Nov but because of the work at the Forth Road Bridge day two was put back to Saturday 7TH Nov.

We had just four swimmers taking part but they were amazing. Every single swim was a PB. This was the distance part of the Age Groups & I am delighted that we have swimmers taking part.

Carla Lovell & Ted O’Connor were both reserves for their events but both got swims. Carla had an 800m F/C, an event she has only done once before, & improved her time by a massive 26secs. Ted was swimming the 400m F/C & he made an 8.9sec improvement having only swim his time three weeks ago. Great swimming.

The other two swimmers were Angus Allison who improved by 6secs in his 400IM gaining a Silver medal & by 14secs in his 400F/C to get the bronze. Felix Hale also swam both the 400 IM & F/C taking 14secs off in the IM & 6secs in the F/C.

Great swimming everyone.

Day 2

I think my car drives itself to Glenrothes now!!
Today we had five swimmers taking part in the ED Age Groups. In the morning Angus Skakle swam a super 400IM taking 8secs off his PB which was great as this is a tough event & Angus had originally been one of the ‘oversubscribed swimmers’ but because of call offs he was re-instated.

A long wait until the afternoon session so I went out a run & found a super pathway which had been an old railway so for parents who find sitting about all day a trial then I can recommend this run. It is pretty flat so it suits me!!

In the afternoon we had Angus A, Carla, Orla & Adele all swimming. The first swims were Carla & Adele with their 400IM & the girls swam really well both doing PB’s. Carla took 16secs off her entered time & Adele improved by 20secs. Great swimming girls.

Next to swim was Angus in his 1500F/C. He was in the slowest heat & just took off doing a fantastic swim. His splits (times for each 100) were very even until the last two when he picked up the pace. Angus took 1min 6secs off his entered time to come in 5TH in his age group. Brilliant swim.

The last event was the 400F/C for girls where Orla, Carla & Adele all swam PB’s taking 6secs, 11secs & 2secs off respectively. The girls all swam well.

It was then a rush home to get organised for my sons engagement party, luckily it wasn’t at my house. That would have involved housework!!!

Fiona Anderson, Head Coach


I will have a stall at the club champs with available stock and will take orders for t-shirts, hoodies etc then. Usually we have no problem getting these in time for Christmas but people might want to order in advance to be on the safe side. A supplier for new jammers and swimsuits in the club colours has been sourced but it looks like they might not be available until January.


The qualifying and consideration times for Scottish National Age Groups (SNAGs) which take place in Tollcross, Glasgow next year have finally been released

The main change to the entry requirements is that the 11/12 category has been abolished so any young swimmers, aged 12 and under at the end of 2016 have to swim in – and attain the same times as – the 13 and under age group. Bad luck Nessie! On the plus side we have a lot of very good swimmers at the top end of the 13 and under category so Inverleith will be well represented at National level and in some of the older age groups.

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