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October 2012 Newsletter

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In this issue:

Annual General Meeting
The IASC Annual General Meeting takes place on Wednesday 28 November 2012 starting at 7.00pm and is open to all over the age of 16. Only members may vote on relevant items. We are always keen to invite new members onto the Committee and if you would like to join us, please let me know.

If you are intending to come along, please let me know in advance to allow for tea/coffee and biscuits to be provided. The venue has yet to be confirmed but we will let you know as soon as possible.

Any questions about the AGM or about the IASC Committee please don't hesitate to ask.

Huntley and Anderson Cups
The next Anderson and Huntley Cup competitions will be on Sunday 25 November 2012 at Leith Victoria.

The Anderson Cup remains unchanged and is open to all swimmers in the Prep Group. Those on trial may take part on a time-only basis.

For the Huntley Cup, all Intermediate 1 and 2 swimmers should attend. Those under the age of 12 will compete for the Cup and all Intermediate swimmers of any age can swim for their Speed Awards. Times for Speed Awards can be found on the noticeboard at Leith Victoria.

Other important dates for your diary:

2012 Club Championships
This year's Club Champs is on Saturday 8 December 2012 at Leith Academy School swimming pool. Registration is at 9.45am and warm-up is at 10.00am for 10.30am start.

2013 Annual Presentation Dance
The annual IASC Presentation Dance will be on Friday 15 March 2013. Please remember to keep this date free in your diary. Look out for more details nearer the time.


Competition reports

Iain MacFayden Memorial Meet - 08 Sep 2012
As Iain was a founder member of Inverleith, this was an important gala for us to attend. We had 15 swimmers attend and saw some fantastic swims by everyone.

In the morning session we managed 32 PBs while in the afternoon there were 28, making a total of 60 PBs throughout the day. In the 100IM, Logan Dow took a massive 18sec off his time and Louie Gibson an incredible 27secs off his 100F/C. Well done to both.

In all, we had 21 medals and 18 flashes for 4th, 5th and 6th places. We also had some fantastic relay swimming in the 11/12 age group. Inverleith came second overall which is a great result. Well done everyone. Places as follows:

Ailsa Inglis 100IM; Joe Penman 100B/C; Eve Lovell 100BR; Ailsa Inglis 100F/C; 11/12 Medley Relay - Ailsa, Joe, Angus S, Eve

Eloise Walker 50BR; Joe Penman 100BR; Angus Skakle 50FLY; Joe Penman 100IM; Ailsa Inglis 50B/C; Eloise Walker 100F/C; Joe Penman 100F/C; 11/12 Free Relay - Ailsa, Angus, Eve, Joe

Eloise Walker 100IM; Angus Skakle 100IM; Ailsa Inglis 50BR; Aryan Singh 50BR; Ailsa Inglis 50FLY; Eloise Walker 50B/C; Joe Penman 50FLY; Eve Lovell 100F/C

4th place:
Emily Mander 100B/C; Mia Fulton 100BR; John Mander 50B/C; Eve Lovell 100IM; Angus Skakle 50B/C

5th place:
Angus Skakle 50BR; Eloise Walker 50FLY; Mia Fulton 100IM; Anna Andrew 50FLY; Mia Fulton 100F/C

6th place:
Aryan Singh 100IM; Logan Dow 50BR; Emily Mander 100BR; Logan Dow 50FLY; Angus Allison 50BR; Aryan Singh 50B/C; Daniel Penman 50F/C; Angus Skakle 100F/C

Haddington 100s - 23 Sep 2012
This gala was very oversubscribed so unfortunately we only had five swimmers taking part but still managed six PBs. Joe Penman swam particularly well, taking nearly 11secs off his 100B/C, 30secs off his 400F/C despite his goggles coming off half-way through and 9secs off his 100F/C.

We also had PBs from Ailsa Inglis 100FLY (5th place) and Aryan Singh and Eve Lovell both in 100F/C.

Well done to everyone who took part.

East District Time Trials - 06/07 Oct 2012
Swimmers from Inverleith took part in the East District Time Trials at the beginning of October. Of the 13 swims on the Saturday, 10 were PBs, highlights included: Fraser Allison battling through 1500m F/C taking 1:30 min off his previous time; Jonah Walsh achieving a 200B/C time; Sophie Hamilton lowering her 400F/C time to below 6min and Stuart Crawford achieving a PB in his 200IM.

Another early start the next morning with some great swims across the board saw 18 swims completed, 15 of them PBs. A special well done to Eve Lovell and Aisla Inglis in their 200BR, knocking off more than 10secs each; Eloise Walker who swam a terrific 100BR - the fastest 11-year old by more than 5secs; Claire Dow with two fantastic IM swims - her 400IM a qualifying time for the first round of the East District Championships and also within the consideration time for the Scottish Open in December. Claire also came 2nd overall in the 200IM.

Well done to all the swimmers.

Hearts Premier Meet - 13 Oct 2012
Back at Prestonpans for the Hearts Meet which again was oversubscribed and unfortunately some of our swimmers were unable to meet the time requirements. Despite the number of competitions lately, those that swam still managed lots of PBs - 30 in total - which is good going.

Ross Borwick, Aryan Singh and Fraser Allison did particularly well in the 200BR taking 9, 7 and 8 secs off their times respectively. Jonah Walsh, Ross Borwick, Angus Skakle and Joe Penman also took big chunks off their 200F/C times.

Well done to Sophie Hamilton, our only medal winner taking a silver in the 50BR in a meet dominated by Warrender and Hearts. Other places included:

Sophie Hamilton 50BR

4th place:
Sophie Hamilton 200BR; Fraser Allison 200BR; Fraser Allison 50B/C

5th place:
Claire Dow 50FLY; Fraser Allison 50BR

6th place:
Fraser Allison 200B/C; Ross Borwick 50FLY; Ailsa Inglis 200BR; Fraser Allison 200F/C; Sophie Hamilton 200FLY

Well done to everyone who took part in what was a long day.

A busy couple of months and hopefully more to come before the end of the year. Thanks to Keith and poolside officials at the various meets and to everyone who stayed on after their swims for their support.

Fiona & Lana

Social Events

Social Committee annual donation

Last month, I was delighted to be able to hand over a cheque for £1500 to the Club Treasurer on behalf of the Social and Fund Raising Committee. This donation is the end result of the various fund-raising activities which have taken place throughout the year and includes monies from the Sponsored Walk, Presentation Dance and Club Championships - the Sponsored Walk alone raised a total of £836.

Well done and thanks to everyone for all their hard work and generosity in supporting and contributing to the success of these events. The income enables us to keep our fees down and so benefits everyone in the Club.

Also included is the profit from the sale of merchandise from the Club gear shop which Kirsty and Craig Watkins have run very successfully for many years. As well as kitting out our swimmers, their enterprise and dedication have contributed many thousands of pounds to Club funds. 

Kirsty and Craig have now handed over the running of the shop to Judith Hetherington (see Swim Shop section below) and on behalf of the Club I would like to thank them for their efforts. They might even be able to get the car back into their garage following the removal of the boxfuls of fins, caps, T-shirts etc (presumably this is why Judith has recently moved house!).

Please continue to support the Club gear shop and speak to Judith if you need anything.


Social Committee

Feature: What to eat at a Meet

There's no doubt that what swimmers eat before a competition can improve performance. What you eat just before you race can help but more importantly, a healthy carbohydrate-rich diet in the days leading up to competition (known as "carbo-loading") will definitely make a difference.

As explained before, carbohydrates provide the most important source of energy for swimmers. Once eaten, the carbohydrates are broken down into smaller molecules called glucose that are used as energy. Any glucose that is not used immediately is stored in the body as glycogen. These glycogen stores form the main source of energy when exercising so it's important you have a full energy store before you start and continue to top it up during and after swimming. Not replacing the energy stores will have a detrimental effect on your swimming performance

In the 24-48 hours leading up to competition, make sure you eat more carbohydrates such as pasta and rice at meal time and make sure you have more carbohydrate-based snacks between meals such as sandwiches, fruit buns etc

On the morning of competition, suitable foods for breakfast include: whole-grain cereals (e.g. weetabix, porridge, muesli); breads (bagels, toast) or pancakes with jam, syrup or honey, and fruit. Try to steer clear of fatty foods such as a cooked breakfast. Ideally, breakfast should be eaten about two or three hours before warm-up, the idea is to top up energy levels after the night's rest. Whatever you eat, make sure it's something as swimming on an empty stomach will leave you with little energy to do your best.

At the competition
After the warm-up, its important you recover physically and get ready for your swim. This should include:

  • Drinking plenty of water or dilute squash
  • Eating a small snack (banana, muesli bar) especially if you have more than an hour to wait between the end of warm-up and your first race
In between races, it is again important to eat carbohydrates as they will provide you with energy for your next races. If you have a break of 1-2 hours between your races, try to eat something (e.g. small sandwich, fruit bun, malt loaf, rice cakes, crackers or fruit).

For lunch, foods such as sandwiches with low-fat filling, baked potato with light toppings, pasta with a tomato 'stir-in' sauce, good quality soups and stews are recommended.
In general, the best approach is to eat little and often in between races throughout the day. This will help your energy levels stay "topped up" and help you perform better. However, try not to eat too much at once as this will make you feel heavy and lethargic.

Staying hydrated
As we all know, the poolside can be a humid and dehydrating place to be in all day so it's vital to keep drinking throughout the day. It is probably best not too drink too much immediately before a race but having a good drink 15 minutes before your race or just before you go to the marshalling area will allow enough time for the fluid to settle.

After competition
It is just as important to eat and drink after you have finished swimming for the day so that your body can start recovering and replacing the energy stores ready for the next day's competition or training session. This includes:
  • Having something to eat and drink immediately after your last swim
  • Eating a meal with a high carbohydrate and protein content within 1-2 hours e.g. spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne, fish with vegetables, risotto, jacket potato with tuna etc
Foods to avoid
Whilst convenient and tempting, certain foods should be avoided as they do not promote good recovery either eaten between races or after competition. These include: crisps, chocolates, sweets, fast-foods such as burgers, chicken nuggets, chips.

With good nutrition, swimmers can expect a 20% increase in performance; small changes in what you eat will make a huge difference, so why not give it a try?

Forthcoming Events

Some upcoming meets for Inverleith swimmers. Please check emails from Grant. Any problems on the day contact Fiona 07719 627719.


3/4th November          East District Round 1
10th November           Lothian Graded Meet
24/25th November      F.I.R.S.T. Annual Graded Meet


1/2nd December         East District Round 2
1/2nd December         Cumbernauld Winter Graded Meet

February 2013

2/3rd February            East District Round 3

For other meets and to check out past results, click here

Swim Shop

Judith Hetherington has now taken over the club shop from Craig and Kirsty Watkins. For those who don't know, Judith is Fraser and Angus Allison's mum - just ask the boys and if they are feeling helpful, they'll point her out!

If you want to look cool in the pool, the shop stocks lots of items in club colours. We carry a small stock of IASC club t-shirts (which you can get your name printed on), tracksuit tops, swimming hats, jammers and swimsuits.

We usually have IASC kitbags but these highly sought after items are presently out of stock - unfortunately the supplier is having problems getting hold of them but we hope to have more in before Christmas

The club shop also has floatpacks (with kickboard, pullbuoy and net bag) and fins. Some of these items can also be traded in. Look out for IASC personalised towels coming soon.

You can order items by email or in person. Judith is usually at Leith Victoria on Sundays from 4.45-6.30pm and again at 8.30pm and is happy to make alternative arrangements to suit.

There will also be a club shop stall at the Club Championships on the 8 December - perfect timing to stock up for Christmas.

Prompt payment by cheque payable to IASC or by cash is appreciated on delivery of items except for personalised t-shirts which need to be paid in advance. Please forward cheques to Judith, Keith Inglis or one of the coaches please.

If you have any ideas for other items you'd like the shop to stock, please let Judith know

To place your order, contact Judith 07999 935178 or

If you are experiencing any difficulties viewing this email then please
let me know by emailing

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