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September 2013 Newsletter

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In this issue:

A warm welcome to any new members who have recently joined the Club. We also welcome back Lana, Advanced Squad Coach, following her latest stint at Camp America this Summer.

Just a quick reminder for everyone to check their emails and the noticeboard at Leith Victoria regularly for any updates, competitions and administrative business. A new Club event will be taking place soon (more later) and new Internal Cup competitions are being planned for next year. Please keep an eye out for more information coming soon.

Some important dates for your diary:

Annual General Meeting: 27 November 2013, Venue TBC

Club Championships:  Saturday 7th December 2013, Leith Academy Swimming Pool

Presentation Dinner Dance: Friday 28th February 2014, Carrick Knowe Bowling Club

If you have any ideas of items you would like to see included in the Newsletter or if there is something you'd like to share, please let me know:



Attention swimmers, coaches, parents

Photography, video and mobile phone use

I would like to draw your attention to the Scottish Swimming Photographic and Video Equipment Policy and remind you that all members of the Club are obliged to comply with the rules and regulations related to this matter.

In particular, photography or videoing is strictly forbidden either at training sessions or at competitions, unless express permission has been granted by the Committee and/or meet organiser. This applies to swimmers, coaches and parents.

Details of the Policy will be included in the IASC Handbook which you can view on the website

Similarly, the use of mobile phones within the poolside area is not allowed and again applies to both swimmers and adults.

The Club takes any breach of this very seriously and anyone behaving in a way which could reasonably be viewed as inappropriate in relation to filming or photographing should be reported to the person in charge on the day. Where appropriate, concerns should also be reported to the police.

Training fees

A gentle reminder that training fees have increased and you should have received an email about this. Thank you to those who have already responded but if you haven't done so yet, please increase your standing order payments as soon as possible.

Many thanks


Movement from Prep to Intermediate Squad

I'd just like to highlight a few things that we take into account when moving swimmers from Prep Squad to Intermediate 2 Squad.

A common misperception is that swimming under 100 secs in the Anderson Cup is the only requirement necessary. This is not the case and I'd like to make clear that swimmers will remain in Prep if they need to work on a certain stroke, their dives and turns or if they need to gain more stamina.

Occasionally swimmers will be moved up when they haven't reached 100 secs in the Anderson Cup but their strokes and stamina demonstrate they are ready to cope with the increased training in Intermediate Squad.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to speak to me.



Competition reports

IAIN MACFADYEN MEMORIAL GALA - Prestonpans (07 September 2013)

Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part in the above competition. We had 22 swimmers attending both morning and afternoon sessions and two more swimming either in the morning or afternoon session. A special mention to Florence Metcalfe, Jessica Shaw, Cameron Alexander & Daniel Main, competing for Inverleith for the first time, and all swam well. We had fantastic swims from everyone and a most entertaining afternoon warm up - the dancing was great!!

In all, we had 73 PBs (Personal Best swims) with 38 in the morning session and 35 in the afternoon. Well done to Charlotte Drainer who achieved the biggest PB, improving by a massive 14.5 secs in her 100B/C, Jocelyn Low followed closely with 13.3secs off her 100 IM while Carla Lovell took 12secs off her 50Fly. Well done you three!

Another first was being able to have ‘A’ & ‘B’ teams in all bar one of the relay events which was great. All the relay swimmers swam very well

By lunchtime we were lying in second place behind Tranent and only 4 points ahead of Portobello. By the end of the afternoon Tranent were still in the lead with Inverleith finishing in second place having increased our lead over Portobello by 24 points. This is the second year running we have been runners-up so lets aim for first next year!!

Places up to 6th are as follows:

Gold:   Angus Skakle – 50Fly

Silver:    Aryan Singh – 100BR
              Angus Allison – 50B/C
              Angus Skakle – 100IM
              Logan Dow – 50Fly
              Daniel Penman – 50F/C
              Charlotte Drainer, Liam Doyle, Jocelyn Low, Angus Skakle –  F/C relay

Bronze:   Charlotte Drainer – 100B/C
                Aryan Singh – 100B/C
                Logan Dow – 100BR
                Adelade Walker – 50BR
                Louie Gibson – 50Fly
                Felix Hale – 50F/C
                Angus Skakle – 100F/C
                Charlotte Drainer, Fraser Allan, Angus Skakle, Jocelyn Low – Med Relay

4th:         Angus Skakle - 100B/C
               Carla Lovell – 50Fly
               Fraser Allan – 50BR
               Angus Skakle – 100BR
               Logan Dow – 100IM
               Carla Lovell – 50BR
               Aryan Singh – 50Fly
               Sophie Hinds, Felix Hale, Angus Allison, Adelade Walker – Med Relay
               Scarlett Donald, Liam Doyle, Logan Dow, Louise Andrew – Med Relay
               Adelade Walker, Angus Allison, Sophie Hinds, Daniel Penman – F/C Relay

5th:       Logan Dow – 100B/C
             Daniel Penman – 50B/C
             Jocelyn Low – 50Fly
             Charlotte Drainer – 100IM
             Aryan Singh – 100IM
             Angus Allison – 50BR
             Jocelyn Low – 50B/C
             Charlotte Drainer – 50Fly
             Aryan Singh – 100F/C
             Carla Lovell, John Mander, Adele McDaid, Felix Hale – F/C Relay

6th:      Jocelyn Low – 100IM
            Fraser Allan – 100IM
            Louie Gibson – 100B/C
            Louie Gibson – 100BR
            Fraser Allan – 50Fly
            Louie Gibson – 100IM
            Jocelyn Low – 100F/C
            Charlotte Drainer – 100F/C
            Louie Gibson – 100F/C

Apologise if I have missed anyone out, there were a lot of names!!

Once again well done and only one criticism - there was an awful lot of litter left lying about which Chris & I picked up. That should not happen, Inverleith are usually very good at picking up their own litter. I obviously didn’t nag you enough!!

Many thanks to Chris for helping on poolside and to those parents who were timekeeping.


Swimmer Profile

Name: Louise Andrew

Age:  12

School:  St Thomas of Aquins HS

Squad:  Intermediate 2

Favourite stroke:  Front crawl

Best thing about swimming:  Making new friends

Worst thing about swimming: The hard work

Swimming idol:  Hannah Miley

Favourite food/drink:  Pasta; apple juice

Swim Shop 

Thank you all for continuing to support the swim shop and thanks to everyone who has purchased one of the new yellow/black IASC kitbags. We still have a few available if anyone would like one, priced at £23/22 depending on the size. After they have been sold we will have to wait until another batch order can be placed, so grab one while you can!

We have to suspend business for our annual stocktake during the last week in September so please bear with us during this period. Normal service (such as it is) will resume in October.

You can catch me at Leith Victoria on a Sunday, call 079999 35178 or email



Gavin Fulton Club Relay

New Club event

The inaugural Gavin Fulton Club Relay will be taking place on Sunday 29 September with all swimmers invited to compete in the event.

Swimmers will be divided into teams of approximately eight, made up of swimmers from each of the squads from Prep Group through to Advanced Group swimmers.

The first swimmer starts at the whistle followed by the rest of the team in a seeded order. This means that the whole team is in the water at the same time but swimmers must remain in the correct order and cannot overtake until it is their turn to lead a leg. At the end of each swimmer’s leg they drop out, and the swimmer immediately behind takes the lead for that team.

Prep Group swimmers will lead their team, each swimming 25 yards before dropping off. The rest of the swimmers will each lead a leg of 50 yards before dropping off to leave the last swimmer to battle it out against the remaining swimmers from the other teams. Therefore, in a team of eight for example with two Prep Group swimmers, swimmer number 5 will swim a total of 200 yds and swimmer number 8 will swim a total of 350 yds

If any teams have fewer swimmers, a swimmer will be selected to swim a double leg.

Members of the winning team will each receive a trophy.

Registration forms will be handed out by the coaches very soon. Further instructions will be given to the swimmers nearer the time.

Please come along to what promises to be a great event in memory of our friend, Gavin.



Forthcoming Meets

Some upcoming competitions for Inverleith swimmers. Please make sure you check your emails regularly for events and other important information from the Club. Any changes in contact details, let Kathy know.

15 Sept 2013:  Haddington 100s, Prestonpans

5-6 Oct 2013:  East Distrrict Time Trials

12-13 Oct 2013:  Hearts & BEST Premier AG Meet

2-3 Nov 2013:  East District Age Groups

9 Nov 2013:  Lothian Graded Meet

30 Nov-1 Dec 2013: East District Age Groups

13-15 Dec 2013: Scottish Gas National Short Course

11-12 Jan 2014:  East District Age Groups




Bronze Squad
Congratulations to Sophie Hamilton who has qualified and been accepted to participate in the Bronze Squad for the current year.

Qualification requires specific target times on three 200m events or above, one of which must be at least a 400m event. Selection must include one swim from two of the three following categories: free, form and IM.

Sophie qualified within the consideration times for the 200m Breastroke, 200m FLY and 400m IM and will take part in the first training session at the end of the month.

Good luck Sophie!

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