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September 2014 Newsletter

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In this issue:

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new school year. I became editor of the newsletter when I innocently went to ask someone about their summer and inadvertently found myself volunteering to take over.

However I’m looking forward to the responsibility and hope that it will help families, particularly new parents who are still trying to work out what is going on, feel more connected to the club.

My children (Ines age 9 in Int 2 and Scarlett age 12 in Int 1) have been at the club for 2 years and in that time most of the things I have learned about the club (why the girls all wear costumes with black stripes on the shoulder / what the speed awards are / why you get speeding tickets / the difference between the two Huntley cups / what to wear to competitions / where to find results) have been gleaned from parents poolside.

If you can think of any questions you had or still have about swimming or the club e-mail me at and I’ll get an expert to answer it in the next newsletter. If you don't know there are probably a lot of other members pondering the same question.


The Gavin Fulton Club Relay, 28th  September (open to all swimmers from prep to advanced). We would love as many swimmers as possible come along and join in this fun relay in memory of Gavin Fulton, a great friend of the club and father of Faye (int 1) and Mia (advanced). You will receive an e-mail with more details nearer the time and we need confirmation of attendance in advance.
Kathy (club secretary) will e-mail swimmers regarding internal cups. Grant (chairman) will e-mail swimmers regarding external competitions at the request of the coaches. Make sure you reply before the deadlines or you will not be entered!
Haddington 100s, 14th September at Prestonpans

East District Short Course Time Trial, 4th and 5th October at Prestonpans 9

East District Age Groups Round 1, 1st and 2nd November at Glenrothes

Lothian Graded Meet, 8th November at Prestonpans

Edinburgh Schools, 23rd November at Ainslie Park (NB: This is nothing to do with the club. Your school should enter you if you have the appropriate times. Do chase them up. Consideration times for 11 and under 50 metres - Fly (53), Back (49), Breast (54) and Free (44). 12 and over have to do 100s, 200s and 400s.

Anderson / Huntley Cup, 30th November at Leith Victoria

Club Championships, 6th December at Leith Academy (open to all members, do keep free. A great day out and the prizes – for each age group - are awarded at the Annual disco in the spring)

Easter Swim Camp, 6th-10th April at Newcastleton in the Borders



Congratulations to everyone who swam in this event which was held at Prestonpans. The club is enormously proud to have won the whole competition (the Alistair Ferguson Trophy), beaten several meet records (John Mander, Carla Lovell and Angus Allison) and won numerous medals.  It was great to see so many swimmers there and the podium was a riot of yellow and black, particularly the 11 year old boys age group which was dominated by Inverleith swimmers.
Medals were awarded to the top 6 so all those points went towards the final total.

Medal winners:

12 girls 100 IM - Scarlett Donald 5th
12 girls 100 breast - Scarlett Donald 3rd, Faye Fulton 6th
12 girls 100 free - Faye Fulton 4th
11 girls 100 IM - Adele McDaid 5th
11yr girls 50 back - Adele McDaid 5th
11yr girls 50 breast - Adele McDaid 5th
11 yr girls 100 free - Adele McDaid 4th
11 yr girls 50 fly - Adele McDaid 3rd
8-10 girls 50 breast - Carla Lovell 1st, Ines Donald 5th
8-10 girls free - Carla Lovell 3rd
8-10 girls fly - Carla Lovell 4th
8-10 girls back - Carla Lovell 2nd

11 boys 50 breast - Angust Allison 1st, John Mander 2nd, Joshua Mitchell 4th, Felix Hale 6th
11 boys 100 IM - Angus Allison 1st, John Mander 2nd, Felix Hale 3rd, Ted O'Connor 4th, Daniel Penman 5th, Joshua Mitchell 6th 
11 boys 50 fly - Angust 1st, John Mander 2nd, Felix Hale 3rd, Ted O'Conner 4th, Joshua Mitchell 6th
11 boys 50 back - John Mander 1st, Angus Allison 2nd, Felix Hale 3rd, Daniel Penman 4th
11 boys 100 free - Angus Allison 1st, Daniel Penman 2nd, Felix Hale 3rd, John Mander 4th, Ted O'Connor 5th
8-10 boys free - Cameron Alexander 1st
8-10 boys fly - Cameron Alexander 1st
8-10 boys back - Cameron Alexander 2nd
8-10 boys breast - Cameron Alexander 2nd

8-10 mixed medley relay x 25 - Inverleith 2nd (Carla Lovell, Michael Skakle, Cameron Alexander, Ines Donald)

11-12 mixed medley relay x 50 Inverleith 2nd (Adele McDaid, John Mander, Angus Allison, Faye Fulton)

11-12 mixed relay x 50 - Inverleith 2nd (Adele McDaid, Daniel Penman, Faye Fulton, Angus Allison)


There hasn’t been a newsletter since the June internal competitions so we have two sets of results to report:
Anderson Cup: 1st Matthew Jarosz, 2nd Kalitza Walker, 3rd Isabella Black
Huntley Cup: 1st Ines Donald (9.55 sec improvement on fly), 2nd Pablo Edward (8.02 sec improvement on back), 3rd Florence Metcalfe (7.83 sec improvement on fly)
Anderson Cup: 1st Katie Rintoul, 2nd Robbie Duff, 3rd Morgan Reid
Huntley Cup: 1st Mariana Edward (9.17 sec improvement on back), 2nd Florence Metcalfe (7.52 sec improvement on fly), 3rd Daniel Main (7.23 sec improvement on breast)

If you're in the intermediate squads check the website to see what you're aiming for in terms of speed awards. Levels are bronze, silver, gold and gold plus. This time a number of swimmers gained bronze and silver and Orla Kennedy attained gold overall. Well done to everyone.


We had five swimmers qualify for this event which was held in Aberdeen Aquatic Centre. The centre is a fantastic facility with a 10 lane pool which the swimmers enjoyed competing in. It is part of the Aberdeen Sports Village which is a brilliant complex in the city.  Over the five days of competition the swimmers took part in 30 races which included 7 finals. All five swimmers produced PB swims in most of their events. The swimmers who took part were Fraser Allison, Claire Dow, Sophie Hamilton, Joe Penman & Jonah Walsh.
Sophie Hamilton 200Fly 9TH
Joe Penman         100B/C 10TH
                            200B/C 10TH
Fraser Allison     200BR 6TH
                           200B/C 7TH
                           100BR 5TH
                           200IM 9TH
Congratulations to all the swimmers.


All at Inverleith would like to wish Jocelyn Low, Sophie Hamilton, Fraser Allison, Joe Penman, Jonah Walsh & Eve Lovell all the best as they move to Warrender to carry on their swimming. Good luck to all of you. Best wishes also to former Advanced Coach Lana Borwick who has also moved to Warrender to further her coaching career.


Inverleith branded kit is available from Judith (mother of Angus Allison, Int 1) who can be found at Leith Victoria most Sundays or you can e-mail her

Inverleith caps are very useful in external competitions so that other Inverleith supporters know who to cheer for and it’s great to see swimmers accepting their medals wearing Inverleith branded tops.

The new yellow T shirts with names on are proving very popular and have the advantage of being cheaper than the tracksuit tops.

There are also Inverleith kit bags which fit the unwieldy float packs for regular sessions and the extra towels, water bottles and snacks needed at competitions.


One of our Masters swimmers, Philip Simpson, recently took part in an Open Water competition across the Strait of Messina in Italy - the 5.2km of sea between the "toe of the boot" and "the ball" in Italy. This is a hugely popular meet and for the last 2 years, Philip hadn't managed to secure a place however this year he managed it:

"I made it but not without controversy – first my wetsuit got banned – then my trunks got banned – but happily for all, one of the other swimmers had a spare pair of speedos for me to borrow… provided I could find somewhere to change on the beach at the starting line with around 300 spectators looking on…Anyway, I finished and despite the meduse (this being the only Italian word I learnt on the trip, meaning jellyfish…) in 1 hour, 40 mins, 20 secs – compared to the winning time of 54 mins… And was placed 105th – out of 108!"
A great effort from Philip and very well done from everyone at Inverleith. Is anyone else up for a challenge equivalent to swimming 227 lengths non-stop of Leith Victoria with tides, waves and jellyfish?


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