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Inverleith ASC is a relatively young Club having been formed in 1969. The strength of the Club is that it caters for swimmers of all ages from Preparatory Group through age group swimming to 24 years. We have also contributed swimmers to International Teams including one to the Commonwealth Games.

The Club's swimming activities are organised into groups and squads primarily based on ability. There is set criteria for progression from one group to the next.

While Inverleith ASC is primarily a competitive Club it also encourages swimmers and parents to consider training courses and is willing to help anyone interested in gaining teaching or coaching qualifications.

Inverleith ASC complies with all legislation and guidelines regarding child protection issues. Download our updated Members Handbook here.


Inverleith ASC was formed in 1969. We were based originally at Infirmary Street Baths until they were closed. We have now made Leith Victoria Swim Centre our new home. Since 1982 Inverleith ASC has run a programme of training camps and, more recently, training days along with a competitive tour both home and abroad. These activities have proved beneficial both in a competitive and social sense. Swimmers, through these tours, have met swimmers from Clubs throughout Britain and Europe. Inverleith has also taken its share of hosting and entertaining other Clubs.

Each December we hold the annual Club Championships. Swimmers compete in their own age groups for various Cups and Medals which are presented at Annual Dinner Dance in February.


The Club is managed by a committee elected at the Annual General Meeting held in November each year. The committee normally meet on a monthly basis or as required.

After initial contact with the Club, usually through the Secretary, the next and most regular contact for swimmers and parents will be the relative Coach for each squad.

Our Club Secretary is there to assist you and she will make every effort to be friendly and helpful, particularly in your early period with the Club while you settle in. The Club Secretary will provide you with a considerable amount of general information, newsletters and dates of social functions etc.

The Club Secretary's function therefore is one mainly of communication and she will be only too willing to provide assistance where possible. It should however be noted that the Secretary should not be approached to act or comment on any matter relating to swimming performance, coaching or selection for competition or events - please direct these queries to the respective squad coach or the coaching convenor.

Social Committee

Operating in parallel with the Club is the Social Club. Every Parent automatically becomes a member of the Social Club, which has the twin objectives of providing financial assistance to the Swimming Club and the organising of social functions. The hard work of the parents contributes greatly to the success of the Club.

The Social Committee are responsible for the majority of the fundraising. Their A. G. M. is held in November and the committee are elected and consists of parents willing to give up sometime to help raise money for the Club and also organise the social events.

Parental Involvement

There are many ways that Parents can help. Most of our Main Committee and all the Social Committee are parents. If you do not think that is for you how about trying your hand as a poolside helper, where you could progress to becoming a coach, assistant teacher or teacher.

Parents can also become involved with the technical side i.e. as a Club timekeeper progressing to timekeeper, judge, recorder etc if you wish.

The Management Committee

Honorary President Lesley Severn
Honorary Vice-President Taylor Anderson
Honorary Secretary Julie Marshall
Honorary Treasurer Andy Brown
Membership Secretary Hanna Hahn
Competition Secretary Shona Skakle
Wellbeing Protection Officer Sandra Rathjen
Colin Williamson

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