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Our coaches will devote a great deal of time and effort to the various training programmes. Many hours are spent with swimmers during normal sessions, training camps and competitions.

Fiona Anderson | Senior Coach

School: Airyhall Primary then Aberdeen High School for Girls
How long have you been with the club: 30 years!!!
Biggest influence on swimming career: Reading about Dawn Fraser at Australian Olympics many years ago.
Favorite pool: For Coaching its Leith Victoria, for swmming it was Portobello when it was Salt water as it was very fast.
Best Competition: Competing in Holland & France in the 1980's
Proudest moment in swimming: Swimming PB's in my mid-late twenties.
Biggest disappointment in swimming: Not Being Better
Other sporting interests: Running and Cycling
Favourite Group/Musicians/singers: Phil Collins
Other Interests: Cooking, Baking, Sewing and gardening.
Anything Else: I Hate Ironing!!.

Louise Allan-Brown | Squad Coach

School: Broughton Primary, Drummond High and then on to study Mathematics at Edinburgh University.
How long have you been with the club: Joined in 1979 aged 7 and have been coaching since 1992.
Biggest influence on swimming career: My mum encouraged me to keep going when I was younger.
Favorite pool: I dislike the cold so the Royal Blind School would have to be my favourite.
Proudest moment in swimming: I enjoyed competing and winning medals and flashes. I've still got them all in a box at home.
Biggest disappointment in swimming: Having glandular fever at age 10 then again at 16. It took me a while to recover and get back training again.
Favourite Food: Chinese
Other Interests: I enjoy gardening when I have spare time from taking my two boys, Lewis and Kieran, to all their activities.

Other Coaches

The UKCC is a development framework that supports the development, endorsement and continuous improvement of governing body of sport coach-education programmes.

Level 2 Coaches

This is the industry standard for those who wish to teach unsupervised and is essential for seeking employment as a swimming teacher. Our Level 2 coaches are:

  • Taylor Anderson
  • Gillian Alexander
  • Alan Bain

Level 1 Coaches

The first step on the coaching ladder is the Level 1 qualification from the UKCC. The first level of qualification focuses on how and what to coach. Our Level 1 coaches are:

  • Lesley Severn

Poolside Helpers

Our coaches are assisted on the poolside by adult volunteers who receive on the job training in the skills of teaching and coaching. We would like to thank our current poolside helps for their continued support.

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