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Joining the club doesn't mean giving up every night of your week for hard training sessions; unless you want to be the best of the best that is.

For children there are two possible ways into the club depending on your swimming ability:

  • Children who can not yet swim 25m on their front and back should aim to enter a local Learn To Swim programme offered by Edinburgh Leisure. This programme offers a structured progression for children to progress from beginner to advanced levels at their own pace.
  • Children who can swim more than 25m on their front and back are ready for entry into the main body of the club. To progress to this a trial is required. To arrange a trial and for further information please contact the Club Secretary, Julie Marshall, on 07817 777 791. Following this trial a one month FREE settling in period is granted following which (provided all is well) the swimmer will be asked if they wish to join.

How much does it cost to join Inverleith ASC?

Annual membership starts at £38.50 per annum. In addition there is a Scottish Amateur Swimming Association membership fee of roughly £45.00. This provides swimmers with insurance both in training and at events, as well as contributing to the overall administration of the sport in Scotland. Finally, there are monthly swimming fees, which start at £20.00 for novices, rising to £52 for the most advanced older swimmers.

Prices stated are correct at 10/10/2021.

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